The Xbox One S Minecraft bundle might have the most fun packaging ever

Last month, Microsoft announced the Xbox One S Minecraft Favourites bundle, but what it didn’t tell us was how awesome the packaging was going to be.

While the bundle features a 500GB console along with download code for the base game plus seven content packs, the box is arguably what will steal the show for Mojang loyalists.

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DragonbornZ1646d ago

Haha thats pretty cool. Still an incredible missed opportunity not to have some type of Minecraft designed console though.
Kids would've absolutely loved owning one.

This still looks neat, and the S is really nice looking too tho.

Mr Pumblechook1645d ago

It really is an example of a promotional box done right - it's lovely. Xbox brand logos are almost illegible and the box is covered in a bright Minecraft scene reminiscent of a Lego playet. I know there are some big Minecraft fans but I doubt they will buy this bundle for the picture. However the package is very appealing to new gamers and parents buying a first console for their kids with 'that game' everyone is talking about!

christocolus1646d ago

Lol. Nice one. MS should have done this a long time ago. I bet this bundle will sell really well. Minecraft enthusiasts will be all over this.

freshslicepizza1645d ago

microsoft has come a long ways with new designs and special editions

ocelot071645d ago

Really should of been a Minecraft theme console.

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