Why is Japanese development in trouble?

Is the home of videogames out of touch? Japanese developers feel they're falling behind Western counterparts. Why is it happening?

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LightningPS33717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Cause the PS3 bombed, so games on the PS3 don't sell. So now all Japanese games are coming to XBOX 360 to actually get sales.

And 360 has most of it's userbase outside of Japan.

SaiyanFury3717d ago

Umm...OK. Perhaps I'm not following the numbers correctly here. Doesn't the PS3 routinely outsell the 360 in Japan at least 4 or 5:1? Apparently not all of those Japanese gamers have abandoned the PS3 as you'd like to believe.

As far as Japan being behind the west, I won't disagree, but since I was raised on Japanese consoles, most of the games I play on both PS3 and 360 are from Japan. Hell, the only reason I bought a 360 was specifically FOR the Japanese exclusives like Blue Dragon and Ninja Gaiden 2. Of course there's a lot of great western games on 360, moreso than Japanese, I just don't have a lot of interest in them. As for PS3, Most of my favourite series, western ones included are on that system. Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Resistance, Jak & Daxter (coming at some point), Metal Gear Solid, Disgaea and many many more. My PS3 sees the bulk of my playtime and now that Disgaea 3 is out, I don't think I'll be firing up my 360 for a while. Well, maybe for some more Ninja Gaiden II. I never get enough of that series. Just some personal opinions, folks.

RememberThe3573717d ago

Seems to me that all the games that would be selling well in Japan, were bought out by MS. Now they don't sell at all because the 360 doesn't sell well in Japan. It seems to ME that the Japanese publishers over estimated the Xbox 360. They're user base doesn't seem to care much for the JRPGs.

SaiyanFury3717d ago

OK I'm curious: What are people disagreeing with me for? I'm interested in details. Responses people.

Cajun Chicken3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Its the 360.
The 360 suddenly turned up and forced people to play certain games with a lack in choice and publishers/developers to make specific types of games that Japanese generally don't play whilst the DS and Wii just made games fun and innocent again and the Japanese developers tried to compensate both Western and Jap gaming audiences and alienated their own homegrown fans because of trying to make games with a bigger budget than normal to keep western fans (see US) amused.

Whist the 360 mainly has a big userbase in the US, its home country.
Because of the popularity the sort of mindless games made for it and the forced engines upon developers to make games look good for a quick cash-in. This sort of stuff doesn't get in family homes.

Capt CHAOS3717d ago

"..mindless games.."

Have you seen or played any 360 xbox live arcade games?

Laexerias3717d ago

Yeah, they are almost just ports from older Platforms to the Xb360, so nothing special at all.

RememberThe3573717d ago

they are talking about the games that MS pushes. Ms seems to rely on other people for good ideas, while Sony seems to rely on their internal studios.

Harry1903717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

''Suddenly there were gamers and designers who hadn't grown up playing Street Fighter and watching Fist of the North Star. There were people who were watching Pulp Fiction and Menace II Society and who wanted games to reflect those narratives. Hence, GTA and Burnout killed Tekken and Ridge Racer.''

I am a Japanophile and grew up reading,watching and playing Fist of the North Star and Street Fighter. Like the Pringles ad says: Once you pop,you can't stop or something like that. Well, I'm staying with my good old japanese stuf while enjoying the new more 'western' stuff. Everyone's a winner. Anyway, I predict a Japanese comeback in a few years, because like he guy said, things are changing again because its no more watching Pulp Fiction or Menace II society but more like Naruto,Bleach and DBZ(It will never die) again. Fear not Japanophiles,we are alive and kicking.

Panthers3717d ago

Is that the flag with crap smeared on it? Wow

Millah3717d ago

No sh-- tetsuhana, he was pointing out that there appears to be poop smeared on the flag.

But this is really a shame, Japanese development was the most influential and used to have the best games. Games aren't the same without that same level of Japanese development quality that there was last gen. I'm bummed, because my favorite games are all old japanese games for Ps1, n64, ps2, and snes

Allowen3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

It is because the east are making in general better games then the japoneses.
Just look to games like CoD4,Bioshock,Mass Effect,Oblivion,GTA4 and etc.These games even in graphics are better then most western games.
I Love FF from SE for exemple but since FF7 that does not come another big bomb,it is all about boring non stop fights,amazing horrible and long story and the only real good thing from then = the uber Full motion videos and the uber cool as hell(but 20 years old) FF musics.
I'm getting sick of the same kind of game that they make and even Zelda/Mario from Nintendo are loosing their charm over the years.

A new Elder Scroll,Fable or a Mass effect for ecemple are way much higher priority in my wish list then this FF13 from Square-Enix.The japoneses are geting ooideas for original cool games.Just look what the "brain" in the Nintendo did on the last few years and compare with what he did in the past.

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