Need for Speed (2015) and Need for Speed: Rivals discounted to below $20

Need for Speed (2015) and Need for Speed: Rivals had dropped to below $20 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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Retroman825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

Neither one any good EA should be a shame having Ghost games Developed such always online crap. (reboot)
Rivals no better .

Hope 2017 NFS better with offline racing and pause features .not so much drifting .

C-H-E-F825d ago (Edited 825d ago )

Yeah, games go overboard with drifting nowadays, always I too think Rivals was better than the last one. I just don't get how you (EA) go from making Need For Speed High Stakes, Need For Speed Most Wanted and Need For Speed Underground Series to not being able to make a proper racing game haha. Like wow THE FORMULA IS THERE. We want upgrades, epic police chases, more upgrades, great racing, drag racing, more drag races, even more drag racing some circuit racing, more upgrades, drag racing, and a story that's not whatever the eff the last need for speed was lOl. EA has a Porsche agreement and wasting it on a dying brand.

Retroman824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

I agree with you one million percent .
EA wasting Porsche agreement as you said dying brand. Pretty soon it will be called " the Need to quit the Speed "
If Ghost games only add all that you said with selective tracks as in Hotpursuit 2 and selective car hub as Hotpursuit 2 have EA be rolling barrow of money .
With frostbyte engine they Can't go wrong. the formula is there Blackbox studio solified it.

Retroman824d ago

P.S. Blackbox studio solified it.

C-H-E-F824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

Yeah exactly, I just don't get how EA allowed this series to go sour. It just doesn't add up to me. At this point SRS (Street Racing Syndicate) should be re-reviewed as a gem of a racing game industry along with Juiced 1.

Retroman824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

SRS never heard of them . Thought the Developers of juiced went under? with juiced 2. Midnight club was ok . Burnout : race part was ok if you able to keep up. what killed me off off from Burnout all the crashing to score points, All i wanted to do is race .
Outside of need for speed for me Gran Turismo , Drive Club, Project Cars.

C-H-E-F824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

SRS was made by Eutechnyx, they are behind the majority of the Nascar games we saw growing up and to this day. I was saying SRS feature to feature with modern day NFS is a better stacked game. Juiced devs (Juiced Games) are now called THQ Nordic, they basically bought their way out of the THQ bankruptcy and bought THQ Nordic for pennies, so in a way they own THQ now lOl. They are responsible for Quantum Break Timeless collectors edition and Darksiders remastered. However, the studio that made Juiced 2 Paradigm Entertainment Died in the bankruptcy.

However, all of those games are what i'm on as well. I even have Driveclub VR. Add me on PSN my name on N4G is my PSN.

Edit: currently I don't have a PS4 (I sold it last month so I can get the PS4 Pro, but i'm playing my wife PS4 until then, so my online status is pretty sporadic at best).

Retroman824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

Speaking of THQ: remember ps1 thq Fantastic 4 game?? i wrote a letter to them discribing who Would do what in the game . THQ Developed it. did not get any royalty tho . Your PSN id is C-H-E-F or chef? Mine need4speeder
Bought my ps4 3rd of October. at the moment i have Knack and reboot Ratchet and Clank . will buy Gran Turismo sport. not into open world games .