GamesRadar: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 PS2 Review

GamesRadar writes: "We sports gamers like to complain. A lot. It's what we do. Sometimes, they're legitimate gripes, while most of the time we just like to argue amongst ourselves about impossibly inane details of our favorite titles. A typical bullet point these days is that most new PS2 sports titles are simply (at best) roster updates from the previous year as the offending developer concentrates on the newer consoles. While that's generally fair, by now it's also a defendable practice. After all, the PS2's power has long since been maxed out, and for the most part there's nothing left to squeeze out of the little black box."

You'll love:

* Career mode
* Snappy load times
* 20 courses to play

You'll hate:

* Less to do than ever before
* No online, either
* Invisible (but loud) galleries

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