Disaster Day of Crisis - More Details

More details are starting to make an appearance concerning Disaster Day of Crisis which only yesterday was finally acknowledged by Nintendo with a commercial on the Japanese Nintendo Channel for Wii.

It has been revealed that your character Raymond Bryce was in fact a rescue worker who quit his job when he lost friend to an active volcano. Ray then got a job for the government but when Earthquakes it hit all that changes.

A terrorist group use the earthquake to their advantage by stealing a nuclear weapon while everyone is panicking and kidnap Raymond's deceased friends sister.The WiiMote and Nunchuk will both be used as you make your way through both Natural and Unnatural disasters.There will be many gun fights as you take out the terrorists who have a vast number of weapons and vehicles.

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DanteLinkX4317d ago

Can't wait for this game, another must play for wii. Next month will be really good for gamers, RB2, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and European version of Disaster =D.

Camalach4317d ago

Give us a release date for North America already!