Gamespot - FIFA 09 Updated Hands-On: 10-versus-10 Online

Gamespot writes: "We're running up the field, heading into the offensive zone of Chelsea. There's not a defender within 15 yards of us. Ahead, an Arsenal striker is making a deep cut toward the Chelsea goalkeeper and, to his left, renowned striker Theo Walcott is positioning himself to try to make something happen. Suddenly, our teammate behind us sends the ball our way, which we deftly receive at full gallop. Two Blues defenders are closing in on our striker, but we manage to sneak in a perfectly timed through pass, which he fields, passes to Walcott, who manages to get the goalkeeper out of position and... GOOOOAL!"

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Fishy Fingers4319d ago

Fitting seeing Walcott just banged in a hatrick for England!!!