Here's Why Xbox One Is Outselling the PS4 Right Now

GameRevolution: "The Xbox One has built momentum quickly in a way that has defied all odds. Some are wondering how such a radical shift could happen so suddenly. Although the answer is simple, it includes multiple factors, each of which we'll discuss below."

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FITgamer2546d ago

The biggest reason, which they didn't mention, are the fire sales of the old model. There have been a few every month since July. I'm surprised retailers still have stock. Microsoft must have shipped an insane amount.

Gaming_Cousin2546d ago

I always miss any kind of huge sales. It sucks because I feel that people get amazing deals and I get stuck paying full price for everything. I must be a stupid shopper. But then I guess I'm too f**king lazy to look for sales so then I deserve to pay full price

Deadpooled2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

If you're from the UK check out sites like HotUKDeals where dedicated consumers search and post deals on to the site especially gaming related deals. Other sites who post UK gaming deals like the IGN UK website usually go the lazy route and just copy deals straight from HotUKDeals.

Edit - forgot to mention, the users who post comments on deals there are mostly pro-Xbox and dislike anyone trying to big up PlayStation on anything other than a PlayStation gaming deal.

Yui_Suzumiya2545d ago

Well no reason to beat yourself up over it so badly

Cindy-rella2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Change the title to " why xbox one is outselling ps4 only in america " because xbox one has never ooutsold the ps4 worldwide. Facts. The title is a bit misleading and people should be informed about the truth.

The xbox one has outsold the ps4 only in america for three consecutive months in 2016 because of aggressive deals and bundles. Ive seen deals for xbox one with free games for as low as 220$ in america.

saywat2472545d ago

"built momentum quickly" "defied all odds" "radical shift" and then another article recently mentioned something about a "collosal comeback". thats some very complex terminology and statements. look at how xbox sold the most for 2 months in the US ONLY and how it's being overhyped on crazy levels. this just makes me laugh but hey i mean u guys gotta appreciate any little win the xbox gets and blow it up like a balloon. like chill out guys. it's not that big of an accomplishment. chill.

4Sh0w2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Phil is bringing back that "Core" Xbox that doesn't try to outdo or follow Sony, Nintendo. NO just doing what Xbox division needs to do to stand out, Core Games the base loves, new IP'S, BC, constant improvements/new features added to the box, PC-XBOX integration, focusing on their strengths like online/co-op gaming, hopefully new tech like HoloLens will prove to be useful and of course Scorpio excites us for the future= THIS is Xbox, the more Microsoft stays focused on their own strategy and fanbase the more folks they will attract and grow their brand. In short the more ways they can find to be less like the ps4 the better off the Xbox will be because if you want what ps does then you will buy a PS4Pro, if you want something different then that's the Xbox or perhaps Nintendo.

Microsoft are catering to their strengths= This is why X1 outsold ps4 in the US, but I imagine like all products sold there will be ups and downs where we'll see ps4 selling better again, regardless Microsoft just needs to remain focused on their identity.

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iTechHeads2545d ago

Xbox One has been $250 for a while now. They are still available from Gamestop. Go take a look.

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morganfell2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )


I will bring up the fact it says "Right Now" Have a look at the Amazon Bestseller list. 6 consoles in the top 100, 5 are PS4s. As of this post its the top 5.

The fact is with PSVR just launching and PS4Pro next month, MS will not outsell the PS4 in NA again this year. That isn't fanboyism, it is a simple deduction based on the obvious facts.

madpuppy2544d ago

I have discovered that when it comes to gaming, time is your best friend, patience and some vigilance will get you better deals than anything else in the long run.

jebabcock2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

yeah. its really more like, the ps4 has been marginally outselling X1 every month in north america and now the past 3 months the x1 is marginally outselling the ps4 in north america.

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XisThatKid2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

There are also other factors like People holding out until the Pro and slim announcements then the release of said consoles. Then there's the wait for the release of the PSVR I personally know 4 people waited for PS4 purchase since June give or take a month. Either way it's a good perfect storm for X1 with new S a few games and Fire sales to get rid of old models and some people waiting out to buy their first or even second PS4s plus it's bound to happen l
that momentum for PS4 slowed at some point not saying the PS4 is stopping but it's at that point, almost 3 years of non stop win. It's been an even slate for the two of them this whole run so far and with them launching 7 days of each other and similar strategies It's really now starting to differ. With X1 making the first waves now let's see ps4s stage show with the launch of slim, VR and pro especially during holiday season

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Death2546d ago

"Fire sales" happened for both the PS4 and Xbox One. I think what is giving Microsoft an edge right now is they actually improved on their console and added features. Sony just made the PS4 cheap looking and didn't add the expected features. The PS4Pro is a move in the right direction and may change things when it releases, but it's appeal seems to be geared more towards existing customers. The other issue I think that may affect PS4 sales will be PSVR. PS4 owners that would be inclined to upgrade to the Pro might be forced to choose between PSVR or the Pro. That will slow console sales for those looking at upgrading. Ideally both Sony and Microsoft want to sell consoles to gamers that don't already have launch or "old" consoles.

SniperControl2545d ago

"but it's appeal seems to be geared more towards existing customers"

Dont forget there are potentially over 40 million customers ready to buy the new PS4Pro, not saying all 40 mill will buy a Pro, but i'am willing to bet a fair amount will.

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kneon2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

The biggest reason right now is that the PS4 Pro sales don't count until it ships. More buyers are choosing the PS4 Pro than either the PS4 slim or the XB1.

SniperControl2545d ago

Nah, the biggest reason is the PS4Pro, hardly anyone is buying the slim or old PS4(apart from firesales) because the Pro is mere weeks away from launch, for a £100 more, you are getting a console 3 x the power of the regular PS4.

Dont get me wrong, the S offers a attractive set of features, but not to mention the Pro's imminent release in a few weeks stinks of fanboyisum from this site.

PimpDaddy2545d ago

I'm buying a PS4 Pro. I don't own a PS4 yet. Can you explain how the PS4 Pro is 3 times as powerful as a PS4?

The GPU is 2.3 times as fast and upgraded architecture.
The CPU and RAM only had marginal speed increases with no change in components.

We can't even say the PS4 Pro is twice as powerful as the PS4 unless we're just discussing GPU.

Really wish you guys would keep it real...

S2Killinit2545d ago

The same way people say scorpio is 40% stronger. So I think its fair we judge both in the same manner no?

PimpDaddy2545d ago

S2Killinit: I have no issue with that. Hold everyone accountable. I can't really comment on Scorpio because there is nothing official yet. I agree that the XBox fanboys shoukd chill too until specs are official and performance has been compared..

S2Killinit2545d ago

The stupidity of the article is staggering. Are we really going to act like the PS4Pro has nothing to do with the larger half of PS4 sales going to the Pro? Really?

trooper_2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

C'mon, you know how journalisn works these days. All talk and no common sense.

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UKmilitia2545d ago

been as low as £139 in uk with a game

IamTylerDurden12545d ago

It's not. PS4 outsold xb1 in WORLDWIDE sales in September. NPD is only North America.

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ILostMyMind2545d ago

They were all stranded in stock.

343_Guilty_Spark2545d ago

You can get PS4 PHATs for $200 Plus games. Lets not pretend sales are only relegated to Xbox.

CaptainObvious8782545d ago

Outselling the PS4? Oh? Did MS finally release their worldwide numbers after 2.5 years?

Fix the title.

Also, we don't know how much more the xbone outsold the PS4 IN THE US. Could only be a few thousand, even after the fire sales and Pro on the horizon.

It's amazing how the press goes into overdrive after just a few small victories in one region. Would they ever do that for Sony I wonder?

iTechHeads2545d ago

The reason they still have stock is because Microsoft releases an insane amount of different bundles. They literally have like 3 different variations of a Gears 4 bundle right now and 3 different ones for Battlefield 1 as well.

Bruh2545d ago

LOL nice try there, the PS4 Slim can't even outpace the Xbox One S. And those aren't really getting any more of a special deal vs the Slim. As both ship with free games and most retailers ship a free game or controller with both. Reality is the PS4 Slim is a mediocre machine thats actually crappier than its previous iteration. And it doesn't help its got a beefier brother coming soon too