Tiger Woods 09 - Downloadable Content Confirmed

"During a recent chat with Travis Sailer, one of the developers on Tiger Woods 09, x360a has received confirmation that there will be courses coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace for download in the future.

"Yes, were going to have two downloadable courses year, both Spyglass and Firestone" said Travis, which will clearly bring a smile to fans of the game who will welcome back Spyglass with open arms.

No details on the date or the cost yet, but hopefully the wait won't be too long. Travis also confirmed that we should be seeing more Downloadable content on future versions of the game."

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Fishy Fingers3691d ago

Oooh what a surprise.... In this online era DLC has become the norm, that extra way of squeezing a few pennies out of us.

matt19913691d ago

i mean i like DLC for certin games like gears of war , CoD4 , halo games like that but for tiger woods what is ea gonna do 800 ms points for a gold golf club