EA Sports: Coming to a campus near you

Joshua Davidson reports:

"Ever dream of being a video game tester on such titles as Madden NFL Football, NCAA Football, NBA Live or Tiger Woods Golf? Well, look no further than LSU's South Campus. Gov. Bobby Jindal announced August 20 that Electronic Arts Inc. – better known as EA Sports – is moving a global testing facility to LSU.

EA Sports is the leading independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment and games software in the world – thanks in large part to the success of the Madden franchise – with annual sales of more than $4 billion worldwide and around one quarter of that coming from the United States alone.

The first of its kind testing facility will be used to conduct research primarily in intelligent and responsive systems for video games, training systems as well as simulation visualization. The facility will bring upwards of 20 full-time jobs to Baton Rouge as well as more than 200 part-time jobs for area college students."

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