Pokemon Sun/Moon Are The Most Exciting Pokemon Games Since Gold/Silver

Andrew is here to tell you all about why he believes that Pokemon Sun/Moon are the most exciting Pokemon games since Gold/Silver in 2000.

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-Foxtrot788d ago

We'll see

I thought X and Y were going to be the Gold and Silver of this gen but I was wrong.

X-Alchemist787d ago

They were the worst in the series. I'm not getting hyped for sun and moon but they already look far more interesting than the previous games because of all the changes they're making. Couldn't give a crap about z moves though.

RpgSama787d ago (Edited 787d ago )

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the same game since Gold & Silver I think is what they mean, one of the reasons I'm super excited about the NX is that maybe, just maybe, they will finally make a console version of a Pokemon game that is not a spinoff.

quent787d ago

They should do a proper pokemon mmo/moba for nintendo and mobile where you can import you're pokemon from one device to another, cross genre/spinoff games could be a thing and work(again), but then again I think they'll just want to sell more amiibo type toy pokemons to people, hopefully there will be an option for non collectors who just want to enjoy the games without the extra fluff.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory787d ago

Since Diamond and Pearl for me. XY was amazing. BW was kinda meh and Ruby & Sapphire was kinda meh.