Battlefield 1 - Say Hello to The Kolibri Pistol, The Smallest Gun You'll Ever See

Battlefield 1 launches later this month and gamers can equip the world's smallest pistol ever created when the loadout onto the frontline.

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Immorals1800d ago

I would if I didn't get a message popping up saying 'You have less than X hours of your trial left' every 5 minutes..

Koopdogg1800d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Just finished my 10 hours 5 mins ago :( I'm wowful disappointed it ended,game is a tonne of fun and visuals and sound are stunning :(

Zorkaz1800d ago

To be absolutely honest, putting the trial aside, this video really revitalized my hype for the game. It could just be me who's a little behind on BF1 news and maps and stuff but it looks so damn cool ....