Playstation 3 Mandatory Installs - Will They Become A Problem?

With the announcement that the Playstation 3 version of Bioshock kicks off with a 5gb mandatory install, the question now has to be raised, Will these mandatory installs on the Playstation 3 become a problem?

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Cajun Chicken4325d ago

Are PC game installs a problem?

HighDefinition4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Optional= Framerate/Texture Loading Problems.

Optional WILL become MANDATORY, hence the reason for the 160GB.

BTW, I have NO problem w/ installs @ all. Infact I kinda like them, I relax a smoke some "Fantasy Herb Pipe" LOL

ReBurn4325d ago

Installs for consoles are still such a new concept. I think that's what the flap is over. It's really only an issue because to have more than 6 or 7 games installed you have to upgrade your hard drive. Which is something else console gamers have never had to do.

Doesn't bother me all that much. If I get low on space I just delete something. I don't keep my life stored on my console's hard drive.

HighDefinition4325d ago

What up Re-Burn, haven`t seen/read/heard/you get my a while.

Welcome back.

season0074325d ago

same thing can be true for the computer
No matter how large a HDD you have if you don't delete/uninstall stuff it will be filled up, console, PC, is always the truth..

The only way to solve it is to DELETE/Uninstall what you don't need or to upgrade the HDD, same for consoles, PC, Mac...etc.

Why would it be a problem when this "so-called" problem existed since we started using a computer 10+ years ago..I think back then computers were having like couple mbs storage space

Genesis54325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

For some it seems they are. For me no big deal. Play and delete it's quite simple. If you can't find something to do for the 10 or 20 minutes it takes to install then there is something wrong. I mean really. Read the instruction booklet or some news or something.

meepmoopmeep4325d ago

the fact that you can easily install any 2.5" HDD or delete files you don't need.


NegativeCreep4274325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

People may b*tch and complain about it now, but once they see the benefits that installs bring to the overall gaming experience they will start to understand (at least I hope they will. Towards installs on the PS3 they probably won't)

Doesn't anyone remember the slight backlash gamers had towards consoles like the Sega 32x and the PSX when CD-based software was taking over cartridges. Gamers all complained about loading times and how stupid and annoying it was, but now we have all seen the momentous leap in software quality that has occurred thanks to the CD/DVD software evolution that occurred in the late 90's and early 2000's.

The next step in software evolution is just getting started; Blu-Ray

bunbun7774325d ago

Highhhhh Definition. Hahahaaaha. Bubbles for liking the same fantasy as me!

Ozzyb4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

I will never understand why people care about installs. If you seriously mind waiting ten minutes to be able to play a game for hours and hours, you are seriously a fool. You have the worst kind of brain-disease and you should probably be more concerned with that than any install times. If the space is really an issue, then delete something.. You aren't going to play all of your games simultaneously, are you? These articles and the people that actually think installs are a problem, are such a waste of space. If you are worried about installing things, welcome back to 1990. I hope you enjoy your Commander Keen cuz that's all you're getting.

INehalemEXI4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

They are an Inconvenience not a problem. Its like ordering a pizza sure its the tastiest food on the planet but you must wait for delivery.

Sitdown4325d ago

"If the space is really an issue, then delete something.."

So what you are saying is...I should be forced to delete pictures and music off my hard drive so I can install a game or are you saying I should delete previous installs on my hard drive so that I can play a new game...and then when I want to go back to the other game sit and wait for the install all over again? Installs can become a problem if developers get out of control with it.....I mean, especially if the ps3 is looking to last 10 years.....think about it..7+ years worth of installs? I rather just change out a disc....all the reason why I disc changer in the next generation would be welcomed.

Ozzyb4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

You must have games that you have beaten thoroughly and probably won't go back to either at all or for quite some time, at which time if you really want to, can reinstall. I'm not saying you will never need a new harddrive, I just don't think people need every last thing that they keep on their harddrives. The solution is relatively cheap in comparison to competition and also is exactly the same solution for your pc. Granted, the laptop harddrives are a little more expensive than their full-sized PC counterparts, but still something that is easy and will last you quite some time. I have 8 disc-based games, 4 PSN games (one being the Socom Beta) and some demos and still have 50/80 GBs free. Now I'm not picking you out in particular, because I agree with you as well. I don't mind it being disc-reading or installing, my main concern is the quality of what I'm getting.

I don't think all games should have mandatory installs, because frankly, not all games are worth it. But I wouldn't want quality to suffer based on whether or not a game is installed. At the same time, you are free to use an external harddrive or upgrade any time you see fit, for a reasonable price.

PS. I would never (unless they became nearly flawless) want a disc-changer in any of my consoles. Moving parts have a higher tendency to break and I don't mind swapping discs. Maybe if they included the ability to change the disc-drive when necessary, then I would go for it.

littletad4325d ago

Goodness, that's alot of sandwiches. Either way, much like backward compatibility, I don't think Sony fans will be bothered by it.

Sitdown4325d ago

I was not necessarily speaking for myself......cause I still have plenty of room on my hard drive......well on my ps3 drive that is. When I think about my 360 though, a lot of data is taking up by game saves and xbla titles. Now if I think about the ps3, if I began to download a lot of psn titles over the years and include that with other things I truly want to keep.....then I can see it becoming a problem. And in all honesty, there really is no set pattern in which I play any time I might decide to revisit a game. I just do not want developers to get sloppy and begin to abuse this ability. I guess that is what I am has the potential to be a problem, if left unchecked.....even if at minimal level it is a problem with convenience.

NegativeCreep4274325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

oh yeah IDemonstalker, Pizza may be the tastiest snack on the planet, but you don't have to wait for it.

It's Not Delivery, It's Digiorno!!!

That is proof right there that xbox 360 is superior with its no mandatory installs......LOL! Just Kidding Just Kidding! I'm just joshing you man! Digiorno sucks harder than Chris Crocker too.

CrazzyMan4325d ago

so far.

I always prefered console over PC, and one of reasons was:
you just insert disc and PLAY, that is what consoles about. =)

I don`t mind 1-2 min. INSTALLs between chapters or etc., because during that time my EYES can REST.
I wish developers would have this in mind.

Ozzyb4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Yea, I pretty much agree with you there. I don't think we really thought too differently about it in the first place.

Edit: The hell? Did I lose a bubble during this discussion? That's lame..

dantesparda4325d ago

And a big one at that. Games are not installed on the PS3 because the HDD is such a big advantage as they are on the PC (even though it is in comparison to the blu-ray drive). But rather because they are trying to mask the weakness of the blu-ray disc drive's slow transfer rates. Believe you me, if the blu-ray disc wasnt so slow, they would not be doing this. Im sorry but this is a disgrace! Sony has fvck up on to many fronts this generation. Luckily for them they are clawing their way out of it and MS seems to be asleep at the wheel lately, lol. Now disagree away b!tches

Sitdown4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago ) sounds like we were on similar pages; I failed to be more specific in the beginning while making my point. I do not know why you lost a bubble...but I will bubble you up.

Edit: You are back up to eight.

Ozzyb4325d ago

Yes sir indeed. lol I guess I did get it back. If it was from you, thank you. If from someone else, thanks as well. Bubbles for you too ~

Elimin84325d ago

That article was really a waste. rant till the end then all of a sudden it went off topic.

"What we have to remember is in this day, No console is perfect and if you feel strongly about the negative aspects of your console then the only way to truly win is to own both consoles".

What the hell.. what was the point then beetching about the installs.....?

UnSelf4325d ago

Not as long as the PS3 allows u to upgrade ur HDD

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Common Sense4325d ago

It's a developer thing.
If Sony makes a rule that Installs should never pass 1GB, developers will be forced to do so.

HighDefinition4325d ago


1) No install
2) One load
3) No MAJOR issues
4) One amazing game

Harry1904325d ago

the most talented developer when it comes to the technical aspect of things on the Playstation consoles. They stream the data permanently,that's why you don't have the loading screens. They did this for the first time in Jak and Daxter 1 (Their Masterpiece according to me). If any studio out there had the same people working for it, you would see even better games on the PS3 very quickly. (Not to mention they are they lead the Edge tools project)

Cajun Chicken4325d ago

Yep. Naughty Dog always had that streaming trick back from the Crash Games since Crash 2 and it continued into the Jaks to Uncharted
No idea how they do it and Insomniac usually has some type of animation, like when Spyro flew and the score was counted up or a space ship traveling in Ratchet and Clank games to make the loading screen look visually appealing.

VF34EJ254325d ago

IMO I wouldn't have mind a one-time install for Uncharted seeing as how the whole game streams afterwards. Cause after each level loading, you guys gotta admit there's a ton of texture pop-ins when you first start. Sometimes those textures take as long as 10-12 seconds before it pops in. Granted, once they are in they look great.

But a small install could have made it immaculate in that area.

HighDefinition4325d ago

I`m I the ONLY one who hasn`t seen texture loading in Uncharted, everytime someones says that it baffles me.

kai_h4325d ago

I've only seen pop-up in Uncharted, about three times. Sure pop-up's not always welcome, but when you can get a game with no load times, high quality textures, and no install(s), you have to question the games that have not-as-good textures, load times, and (an) install(s).

Naughty Dog made a game without installs and high quality textures, and they've probably stuck the technique in the Edge Tools. Insomniac has the Nocturnal Project as well. This can contribute to games with no installs possibly, but I'm afraid that some companies are too proud to say, "Look, I need some help".

GarandShooter4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

HD, I'm in chapter 19 on crushing getting my last few trophies. I, like you, have never seen textures pop in.

HighDefinition4325d ago

Ok I`m not crazy.

Uncharted FTW.

SlyGuy4325d ago

quite frequently in uncharted.

Usually only at the start of a level, when entering a new area, or after a cutscene.

Only once did it last for about 6-7 seconds, but usually only for 2 seconds.

Once it loads you do see the best graphics on a console to date, but I do wish they could have prevented it totally.

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SwiffEpics4325d ago

Playstation 3's and Pc's are built completly different, infact 360 is more like the PC's architecture than the Ps3. Plus this article is more about Why there are installs and how it can be solved than bashing the installs themselves.

Area_514325d ago

gone to debate this every time a ps3 game comes out with a install. So to answer your question again NO, the price for a new hdd for the ps3 is cheap and easy to install.

Cynical-Gamerzus4325d ago

Only a problem for idiots who don't know how to count!!!
Common your replace game loads with new games as you get them !

GUNS N SWORDS4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

"With the announcement that the Playstation 3 version of Bioshock kicks off with a 5gb mandatory install, the question now has to be raised, Will these mandatory installs on the Playstation 3 become a problem?

"First we have to ask the question, why do we need all these big mandatory installs on Playstation 3 games when the Xbox 360 does so well without them? That I believe is down to bluray, sure bluray has tons of capacity but the disc reads at an overall slower speed than DVD9, Therefore it is either have more load times in your games, or install data to your Hard Disk Drive to eliminate load times and make the game run more smoothly."

"Bourne Conspiracy Includes a Manadory Install on the Playstation 3

In conclusion I feel this loading issue could also be the cause of many Playstation 3 games being at 30fp and at low resolutions, and although mandatory installs can correct this issue, it is not a solution that can continue to be a growing trend if Sony wishes their platform to last ten years. If a game like Bourne Conspiracy can run on the Xbox 360 without an install then how does that look for Playstation 3? "

interesting but, ps3 can do 1080p, 720p, 30, and 60 fps, so i don't think blu ray has anything to do with that. i think it's just effecting loading times. (my opinion)

zo6_lover274325d ago

GT5p ran at 1080p and 60fps, and only had an optional install.

So it *could* be only related to loading times.

GUNS N SWORDS4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

well a majority of developers have already talked about reasons for mandatory installation, and it is pointing to loading times.

many reviewers have stated in the reviews of a few selected titles that mandatory installation aids in faster loading times.

zo6_lover274325d ago

I don't see why they should have to make them mandatory if their only for loading times though, it doesn't matter to me because I would be installing the game regardless.

VF34EJ254325d ago

Ratchet and clank Future runs in 1280x704 resolution @ a locked 60fps with NO install.

So frame rate or resolution has jack crap to do with disc speed.

GUNS N SWORDS4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

"I don't see why they should have to make them mandatory if their only for loading times though, it doesn't matter to me because I would be installing the game regardless."

hmmmm well first off, when that "FALL UPDATE" comes to XBL, i will will be using my HDD for all of my games, so yes, REGARDLESS of the option of having installing i would install it anyways.

most of the stuff i read off of various pages, they talk about why ps3 needs the HDD and at the same time 360 doesn't require it, as a 360 owner i would still do it even though it's not necessary, and if it wasn't mandatory for ps3 games, ps3 gamers will still use the HDD anyways.

"So frame rate or resolution has jack crap to do with disc speed."

yeah i fvcking said that already.

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