iTunes 8 Causing Problems With iPod Touch, AirTunes

G4TV is reporting that the recently released iTunes 8 update is supposedly causing some problems for some users with iPod Touches and AirTunes.

Users are experiences problems with streaming music to their networked speakers, citing difficulties with firewalls and out-of-date firmware. This issue is easily resolved by updating the Airport Base Station firmware, disabling the firewall, or by allowing iTunes to accept incoming requests.

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Imallvol73741d ago

I Tunes hurts me soooo . . . . I always have to download quicktime with it, they always try to trick me into downloading Safari, and its always a huge file.

It now takes FOREVER to sync my ipod touch (even without alot of new stuff to sync) and I am constantly having problems updating firmware and downloading files.

iTunes needs a reformatting quick. It's a system hog.

HyperBear3741d ago

are you using windows vist?.... cause i am, and its downloading smoothly, no problems...yet. and i can sync easily with it as well, so I dunno. It is normal for an apple software product to have major buges, esp on windows vista, but im on it, and its working good for me, so I dont know what to say

meepmoopmeep3741d ago

are you two like twins or something?

HyperBear3741d ago

no....i guess we both have a 360 and a PS3, and we like to show it off i guess. lol i have no idea....

Imallvol73741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Yeah I do have both and like to show it off, lol. And if you don't have both, your missing out. (And remember, don't support Wii!)

I am running Windows XP. Do you have ipod touch? Mine takes around an hour to sync. Most of the time itunes says "backing up data". It drives me crazy. And i can not upgrade to the new firmware either.


Thanks for the response. Is there any way to turn off backup? Once it gets through that it FLIES. And still no luck with 2.1

HyperBear3741d ago selling my Wii, all its doing is sitting there doing nothing. lol

on topic... Yea ive got an ipod touch and im on vista, but yea, mine keeps saying backing up data, i have no idea why, but it does, but it doesnt affect any of the syncing or downloading or upgrading i do though. You might just have to uninstall iTunes, then re-install iTunes 8, then try it again. But I have no idea why its no letting you upgrade to 2.1?

meepmoopmeep3741d ago

whoa! an hour to sync? that's not normal i don't think.

looks like you should buy a Mac ;)

SL1M DADDY3741d ago


I have an old Dell Optiplex GX280 with 512mb RAM and about 3 gig left of empty space on my HDD and it takes about two minutes to sync each time I hook up. I thought my sad little PC was slow... lol

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Imallvol73741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Good news, finally able to update ipod to 2.1!!!

Bad News: It cancelled my sync that was almost done, lol.

Having such a good time.

Bleem3603741d ago


If ipod is taking way too much time to Synch, make sure you are using a USB2.0 port on your PC/laptop and not a USB1.0

The difference can be huge!

VMAN_013741d ago

Just download iTunes from the official Apple site its alot faster.

BlackCountryBob3741d ago

Apple, it just works! lol I like Apple stuff but the halo is slipping IMHO, software is not perfect which was always their main selling point and the hardware is becoming stale and mildly disappointing (phone, ipod nano, touch rehash)

Its just a shame that the alternatives are no better!

zonetrooper53741d ago

Apple's software on Windows really isn't that great, it is bloated and there are alot of problems with it.