MoDojo Review: Spore Origins

Chris Buffa writes:

"Our mothers always warned us about playing in dirty water, not because of the cigarette butts and used condoms (that's innocent kid stuff), but because the cloudy muck contained paramecia, mosquito larvae and other horrors that would slip down our throats and burst from our bellies, Alien style. Electronic Arts' iPhone app Spore Origins supports this theory, albeit from a much cuter perspective. Watching all those precious and googly-eyed organisms float around fills us with warmth, but don't fall for their "hug-me-I'm-so-adorable" exteriors. These things are dangerous.

Spore, available on PC and Mac, takes you through five evolutionary stages: Cell, Creature, Tribal, Civilization and Space. Your goal is to raise that little paramecium and transform it into an intelligent being that explores the universe. It's a massive undertaking, with thousands of planets to explore and various enemies and allies to destroy or befriend. This iPhone version, however, is more condensed and focuses primarily on the cellular phase. Using the iPhone's accelerometer, you'll guide your simple minded creature through 30 detailed levels, swimming through the primordial ooze in the hopes of becoming bigger and devouring everything smaller than you."

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