Saving the World

Screen Play: "For years now, we gamers have been subject to a fair amount of vitriol from those in positions of power, including mainstream media and rent-a-quote politicians. My friends, that is about to change.

Possibly within hours, the world will come to us begging for our experience and knowledge, praying for us to save them.

Later today, deep underground, a mad* scientist will press a large button. Have no doubt, the button will be red. Did I mention it will also be large? It will be.

When pressed, sirens will sound and klaxons will do whatever it is that klaxons do. And thus, the Large Hadron Collider will commence colliding hadrons on a large scale.

We've played Half-Life; we know what is going to happen. Aliens! Zombies! Alien Zombies! Only we gamers have perfected our response to these new challenges, only we know what is required to save humanity."

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