G4 Nabs Videogame Comedy

This spring, cable network G4 will launch Code Monkeys, an animated TV comedy that looks like an old-school videogame and revolves around a group of game designers in the '80s.

According to a report in Variety, the new show comes from Adam De la Pena, creator of Comedy Central's "I'm With Busey." The show will run for 14 episodes beginning this spring.

There will reportedly be "visual allusions to a host of '80s videogames," along with '80s references such as a recurring Ronald Reagan character. The show will primarily revolve around the two main characters Dave and Jerry.

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grifter0245237d ago

This was a good network back in the day but now it just lost touch of what it was-a Video game channel_(well really electronics( but now its just dumb stuff that has nothing to do with electronics or anything else otherwise. It has lost its values and morales just like scifi soon . I mean cheaters,arrested development,jamie kennedy show?!?!?! what does this have to do with anything electronic i mean its called g4 not fox they gotta get back to basics cause its sad to see what money does to a network.