Xbox 360 RPGs - The Ones to Watch before New Year

For RPG fans, it's been a good year. 360 owners got Lost Odyssey and just recently have had Infinite Undiscovery. PSP owners have been treated to a remake of the wonderful Disgaea, and DS owners have had an overload or Square–Enix RPGs, including remakes of 2D classics Final Fantasy IV and Dragon Quest IV, amongst other, all new RPGs for the handheld.

Despite all this, it isn't over. In the first of this series, RPGSite takes a look at the RPGs to watch between now and the end of 2008, starting with their top 3 360 RPGs hitting before the year's end. It's gonna be one busy Winter.

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Sez 3715d ago

i am definiatly looking forward to the RPG's coming out this year. almost finished ToV then i will move on to IU. this will be a busy year for me as a gamer that loves rpgs

FCOLitsjustagame3715d ago

I am playing Tales of Vesperia right now, didnt see it on his list but its a pretty good JRPG.

I think at this moment Rise of the Argonauts may be in my top 3...may boot Last Remnant or maybe even Fallout3. But Fable II is definitly in my top 3 due to my love for the first game. that really coming out? I havent heard hardly anything about it?

Sacred I am still taking a wait and see approach to it...which is funny since I am diving in head first to Argonauts. that just action or action RPG? I have that same question for Dugeon Hero next year....two more games that have caught my interest.

AP3715d ago

Hey guys,

The reason Tales isn't on the list is that it's out. I should've mentioned it in the "RPGs that are out but are worth playing" list, though, so my bad.