Eurogamer: Xbox Live Arcade Roundup Reviews

Eurogamer writes: "At first, it's hard to get to grips with a Live Arcade shooter that doesn't want to be Geometry Wars. Shred Nebula may feature enclosed playfields and wave upon wave of aggressive enemies, but the similarities end there. This is more like Asteroids, with the emphasis on steroids, although the comparison that seems most apt is the 1988 ZX Spectrum classic, Firefly. There are probably only a few hundred people who'll get that reference though, so let's go over the basics.

You pilot the RIP Rocket, an experimental ship exploring deadly new areas of space. Fiendish aliens don't take kindly to your curiosity and a massive space ruck ensues, spreading carnage over twenty-plus levels. You have your traditional forward-facing plasma cannon, which gets more powerful the longer you survive. And you have a "saber" attack, which sends two plasma balls arcing from your ship. Shoot these and you trigger a smart-bomb effect."

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