5.0 reviews Infinite Undiscovery - 5/10

The editor writes:-

" Infinite Undiscovery is not a disastrous game, but it also does nothing exceptionally well. At the same time, there are some things that really otherwise, anno 2008. It commits many errors that hurry to hear the JRPG genre, but sets no clever innovations opposite. The real-time battle system lacks depth, a number game does not come out of the paint and with a low splendour who is also full of repetition, you get poor value for money. The story is fun, but not very original. Graphics is somewhat obsolete. What remains? The music is fun and it is competent. "

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Fishy Fingers4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

"although the plunderwaar that you find it somewhat disappointing"

ahh so it was the plunderwaar that let it down. Common problem. It's terrible translation.

InMyOpinion4312d ago

Not the worst plunderwaar I've had, but certainly not the best.

Drekken4312d ago

Although many believed Square is turning their back on Sony... Maybe they arent. Sony owns some of SE... RIGHT?

Maybe Square is set out to make flops to make the 360 look bad. I hope this is what it is. If not, Square is losing their touch.

InMyOpinion4312d ago

Now that would be a smart business model! Let's spend millions of dollars just to make the 360 look bad! lol!