Seth MacFarlane's Mario Parody is a place where Seth and the gang can make non-Family Guy and American Dad skits. So far the turnout isn't great. This Super Mario parody is one of the two shorts which they debuted.

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thePatriot4315d ago

but mario in vice city in robot chicken is the funniest mario sketch ever.

Sitdown4315d ago

where he was trying to go. But I think he would have been better off throwing it into Family one of Peter's flashbacks or crazy rants. The way Peter sets up the flash backs help to make them come off as being even funnier.

Panthers4315d ago

"That reminds of the time I tried to save the princess..."

Sitdown4315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )


We should have a thread for favorite quotes/flash backs of family are some of mine:

Peter: Aww man! I hate Trivial Pursuit, it always makes me feel so stupid.
Brian: More stupid then that time you locked your keys out of the car?
(Cut to Peter inside the car with his keys lying outside his car door.)
Peter: Damn it! Hey! Hey! Somebody! Hey! Sir! Sir! Sir! You see those keys there? Sir! Si-! (man walks away) Screw you! (Sticks a bent straight hanger out of his window and trys to catch the keys on the hanger. The keys fall.) Oh waahhaahaaa!

Lois: Okay here we go, "What color is a firetruck?"
Peter: Aww, oh God I always get these. Umm..okay..uhh..all right..firetruck..firetruck firetruck firetruck firetruck. What color are those red firetrucks? Uhh..Oh god I can picture them now...all red and everything.

Lois: Peter, say the word what
Peter: Ah this is a tough one
Lois: Peter Just say the word what
Peter: Now Lois this isnt a race. Um I wanna say who. Small amount of peas,small amount of peas,steak steak steak, fantastic four fantastic four. Um what?"

Bonnie: Somebody save him, he can't swim!
Peter: Oh, he's not even kicking. Kick Joe, kick.
Lois: Peter, he's a paraplegic!
Peter: That doesn't mean he can't hear. Kick Joe, kick!

poopsack4315d ago

lol panthers exactly how i imagine it would be done.

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