GamesRadar: Ten of the best games on iPhone

GamesRadar writes: "You may have noticed that we don't cover mobile gaming on GamesRadar. The reason for this is because, traditionally, mobile games stink. Sure, we played Snake in the early days of mobile phones because... well, everybody did. But when a long line of squares that eats pixel pies was the best game on the platform, it was easy to put the phone down and play something a bit more substantial.

But that's all changed. We've already had 16-bit quality gaming on iPod Video - (most notably a great version of the original Sonic), and now Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone have got games that rival PSP and DS. In fact, we'd say the graphics on iPhone are better than those on DS. An interesting development indeed. So we've teamed up with MacFormat to run down through ten of the best games on the iTunes Apps Store."

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