Kim: We Still Believe in PC Games

On Tuesday, rumors swirled and were quickly confirmed that following the release of Halo Wars, Microsoft would close the venerable Ensemble Studios. But Microsoft corporate vice president of interactive entertainment Shane Kim says not to read too much into the studio's demise, and that Age of Empires is safe.

The official announcement of Ensemble's end stated that the studio was being closed purely for financial reasons. Kim stood behind this statement. "We want to spend the development dollars in other places, and not just related to content," he told Edge. "It's a long term business decision."

Part of that transition includes the creation of a new studio by current Ensemble leadership. Kim made clear that this new studio was to be an independent entity not owned by Microsoft, and that it was a venture being taken by the heads of Ensemble. But the good news, according to Kim, is that "we will have an ongoing relationship with that new company."

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zonetrooper53716d ago

It seems as though they are building up alot of second party studios and trying to keep the third party's happy. So they have Rare, Lionhead, Turn10 ermm and thats the only first party studios I can remember.

TheDude2dot03715d ago

Or it's the only first parties they have and you're trying to remember something that doesn't exist.

I don't know either. Who really cares how many first party developers there are?

vitz33715d ago

What the hell is a 2nd party? My old high school english teacher would sh** a chicken if he heard you say that.

Le-mo3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

2nd Party are independent developers who only develop games for one platform either by contract or in their own free will. For example, Insomniac Games is a 2nd party since they are independent and only develop games for the PlayStation platform. Sucker Punch is also a 2nd party since they are binded by a contract to develop games solely for the PlayStation platform.

mohib-uddin79865323716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Microsoft is the only company cabable of single handedly killing PC gaming

they can do this by stop making Windows OS or releasing an update that prevents you from playing games

Charmers3716d ago

Even MS cannot kill off gaming, the PC is a completely open platform there is NO way technically or legally they could lock off the windows OS from gaming and even if they did that would leave the way open for Linux to come in and allow PC gaming.

At best MS may abandon PC gaming but that will just leave the way open for someone else to step in and fill the void and who knows they may be better and bring new ideas to the PC.

Whatever happens PC gaming will continue it is nonsensical to even think PC gaming can "die". I personally think MS is making a mistake and I hope it blows up in their faces.

TheIneffableBob3715d ago

Why the hell would Microsoft stop making Windows or make it so that their operating system can't play games?

M337ING3715d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the Windows business was much more essential to MS than their entire gaming divison...

Charmers3715d ago

Ms did the maths a long long time ago and came to the conclusion that killing gaming off on the PC would have negligible impact on the sales of it's OS. So it has probably figured lets go for the "screw people" model and force them to buy two devices when one would suffice. They really do NOT want people gaming on a PC, they want people gaming on THEIR console and browsing the net on a PC with THEIR OS.

There is a reason why XBL is a completely closed off network you know, I mean it wouldn't do them any favours allowing people to browse the net on the xbox would it, they can buy a PC for that.

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Charmers3716d ago

To be honest I wouldn't trust a burp out of this guys mouth. It is becoming increasingly clear that MS wants you gaming on their console and using there OS for other stuff. This guy is just lying through his teeth.

I personally don't care if MS want to abandon the PC gaming market, I just wish they would get on with it and GO. Someone more capable will fill the gap they leave behind. So I don't put much stock in this interview where he claims MS isn't abandoning the PC as a gaming platform. In my experience if a corporate guy comes on saying "oh no we aren't doing blah blah" then you can bet your life they are really doing "blah blah".

uxo223715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I really don't know where you draw your basis for the argument that you just made. It's funny how when some turd on the internet starts a rumor people jump right in. But a man making decisions on the path his division in a major corporation is going to take is simple lying if for no other reason, because he's a corporate guy?

mirroredderorrim3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I am starting to love these Shane Kim articles. Keep them coming.

Shane, if you see this, call me. We need to talk about our brunch at King Taco.

DarK-SilV3715d ago

Kim: We Still Believe in BS

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