Tom's Games Review - Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Tom's Games: "The original Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction was truly one of the most unique and fun open-ended games that hit the Xbox and PlayStation 2 consoles. It featured a "what you see is what you can blow up" kind of gameplay style. For the first time in action game history, players could pull together some of man's most devastating weapons for a virtual orchestra of pure destruction, all while seeking out a variety of targets in a mini-mission format. Mercenaries certainly left an impact in the minds of almost all who played it, and it received strong reviews by many critics. Of course, with such unique characteristics and relatively good sales, Mercenaries was due to receive a sequel at some point.

Without a doubt, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames offers fans and newcomers an evolution in terms of virtually unlimited large scale raw destruction in high frequency. Growing up, when I'd see huge buildings explode in an eruption of fire and smoke in movies, it'd usually be part of a finale, or perhaps the opening of a movie. These kinds of pyrotechnics and special effects were usually the budget killers, and thus they were limited due to the high financial cost. In Mercenaries 2, these kinds of epic, movie-like explosions occur constantly. If you're not the one setting them off, your enemy is. Not only are the explosions everywhere in Mercenaries 2, but they're also exciting right up to the very end of the game."

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