The Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Games

COGconnected has weighed in on the eternal debate. Which is the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game out there? Find out, right here!

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Tetsujin1559d ago

I remember the first time I beat the arcade version at the local Wal-Mart. Boy was that a hard game. I've had debates between the arcade or the original NES version which was harder.

Surprised the second game on NES didn't make the list.

DlocDaBudSmoka1558d ago

I think the nes tmnt was harder than any tmnt game ive played.

Tetsujin1558d ago

What made the arcade version harder (for me) was the amount of quarters you had was all the chances you had. And hope to hell your parent(s) allowed you to stay long enough to see how far you get.

The NES version I was able to play on the weekends to see how far I'd get. What I didn't understand was how the way the NES version ended, yet in the future games it's like nothing happened. I didn't want to spoil the ending just in case people still wanted to experience it.

DlocDaBudSmoka1558d ago

@tetsujin i still havent beaten it. Last time i tried was 13yrs ago.

Tetsujin1558d ago

@Dloc How far did you get in the NES version?

DlocDaBudSmoka1558d ago

The farthest i got was to level 4. I got the game when i was 8. Finally in my 20s i made it to level 4. I know i know. I suck. Lol

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Becuzisaid1558d ago

Tmnt 2 on NES was the first game I ever beat. Will never forget that game.

1558d ago
stonecold31558d ago

would wish they make tmnt game like these this day

Simco8761558d ago

Wow awesome list. Nail the top 5 for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.