Nintendo, why? A lament on the Wii

Trevor Loughborough of CordWeekly laments the lack of new and innovative games coming out for the Wii this year - it's all shovelwear:

"I remember it still. Sitting in a lawn chair outside Wal-Mart, on a freakishly cold November night in 2006. My friends and I had staked out our claim in line at around 5PM with only a pair of mothers totally dedicated to their kids in front of us.

Wrapped in our sleeping bags, we played Mario Kart and Tetris on our DS's while awaiting the morning and our brand-new Nintendo Wiis. The doors unlocked, and as we strode out of the store with the white box and copy of The Legend of Zelda held over our heads, a cheer went up from the line of 50 or so people awaiting their turn. We knew we had made the right choice – we had chosen the console that would show that true innovation, not just processing power, could win this generation's War of the Consoles.

Time has proven that while we were right in one way, it has been a pyrrhic victory. Looking over the lineup of blockbuster games coming out for the holiday season, as a person who owns a Wii as his sole next-gen console, I felt despair creep into my heart."

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