Microsoft to Abandon PC Gaming?

Yesterday, ShackNews broke the story that Microsoft had just issued layoffs to all employees that were non-essential to the shipping of the Xbox 360 exclusive title, Halo Wars. This story was later refuted by sources at Kotaku. Their sources stated that while there were no layoffs issued today, Shane Kim, the former head of Microsoft Game Studios had made a trip down to Dallas, Texas. It was alleged that the reason for the trip was to deliver the news that the studio will be closed sometime during the coming year, shortly after the release of Halo Wars. This has since been confirmed by Gamespot, via an official Microsoft press release.

So why would Microsoft shutter a studio that had been open for over fifteen years and had shipped almost twenty million units? This looks like it could be signaling the end of the PC game era at Microsoft. Ironically, Microsoft would be abandoning one of the few areas where they had developed consistent success over the last decade. While Microsoft has confirmed that the studio's closure is "fiscally rooted," this may be an effort to shore up support for their budding Xbox business.

Lets look at the facts. In the last twelve months, Microsoft has been significantly trimming the proverbial tree within Microsoft Game Studios. The carnage started last year, on the heals of the failed cross-platform game Shadowrun. Shortly after launch, the boys in Redmond pulled the plug on FASA Studio. This decision essentially put all first party support of cross-platform gaming out to pasture...

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JelalTrueshot3690d ago

Sure, they are backing off of PC gaming in some areas but then they go and announce the new Sidewinder PC gaming peripherals line.

bgrundman3690d ago

This is meant from the software side of things. They will always have a peripheral business to support themselves. I think they may be two separate entities within Microsoft anyway, but I could be wrong. But that is a valid arguement.

Bloodwar3689d ago

.. ok not true, but as rampant as piracy is, I would rather PC games don't get produced any more. I love my PC, but its not worth it to the developers when there are so many criminals out there pirating their games, even the well developed AAA games. I wouldn't need to upgrade my PC every 5 years any more, thats for sure. Damn shame too.

ASSASSYN 36o3690d ago

Microsoft knows where the money is at I don't blame them. PC gaming might not be dead but the cost for it aren't getting better with regards to upgrades for consumers.

Charmers3690d ago

Just another little hint about MS's true intentions towards the PC. They want people to buy a console to game and a PC to do the other stuff and why wouldn't they it makes perfect business sense. So far it seems to be working too with people falling for it.

However I think MS might find killing the PC off as a gaming system will be a lot harder than they think it will be.

bgrundman3690d ago

I think you are spot on. I also hope you are right about it being hard to kill off.

DeadlyFire3690d ago

PC gaming can never be killed. It has a life of its own now. Even if Microsoft abandoned it completely we would still see some new PC games every year. Only problem with PC gaming is that it doesn't have many Big Publishers promoting it or its games the way the consoles get. EA is starting to publish some PC games now and a few things are changing online in time will we see a change though.

bgrundman3690d ago


You are correct in those assumptions, but don't forget the influence of Valve and the Steam service in the PC gaming space. Valve is changing the way games are being made and the digital distribution of Steam is huge as well.

DFresh3690d ago

That's a bad move.
The Xbox is clearly dead.
Why would you give away the area where you have a monopoly in computer software games in which you make billions of dollars?
Microsoft is stupid.
So that's it then Microsoft gives up on the Xbox, the Zune, Vista, and now the PC.
If Microsoft wants to give up on hardware that's fine but they should continue to make games for consoles if they are gonna leave the console business.
Microsoft is the next Sega.
It happened the same way they were on fire then they just gave up when things got tough.
It doesn't mean Microsoft can't help bring some of that Xbox Experience to the Playstation Brand.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3689d ago

Because all my comments on positive PS3 News today keep on getting Failed????????????? Ho hmm...
Is this place run by xBox 360 owners??? Anyone know???

Next year it's -

Microsoft to Abandon Console Gaming!!! ;-D

theKiller3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

this includes ps3,360,ps2,xbox,psp,wii,nds etc

and all i can see is people wants to sell their 360's

u dont need to understand the language because sometimes pictures can say what words fails to say!!

just keep clicking on all the pages on this site 1..6..13

360 is finished!


tomorrow is the big surprise!! NPD numbers!

Common Sense3690d ago

it can never die.
Not even Microsoft can kill PC gaming.

mohib-uddin79865323689d ago

Microsoft can kill PC games if they stopped making Windows OS

Or released an update that stop people playing PC games

In other words. MS are the only company cabaple of single handedly ending PC gaming

TheIneffableBob3689d ago

If the Windows OS dies, then the gaming market would just shift to another operating system. Developers would start developing in OpenGL and make their games work on Macs and Linux. Or maybe Apple would start developing their own graphics API.

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