Pocket Gamer: Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition Review

Oh no! It's another mobile version of Monopoly! These are hard to review, since the age-old classic is more a part of gaming culture than a football with a Game Boy strapped to it. It can be as boring and lonely as playing solitaire at an insurance seminar and as dynamic and exciting as being a sun tan lotion vendor at the Playboy Mansion. All of which speaks volumes about the breadth of Monopoly's scope, but how many times can Pocket Gamer keep buying the same game?

To be fair, this isn't just another direct conversion. It's a variation to a tweaked update of a conversion of an evolution of the original boardgame. This is Monopoly (the classic family board game) Here & Now (names and numbers adjusted to contemporise the experience): The World Edition (streets replaced by entire cities).

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