Deeko writes -- Adiós Ensemble And What This Means For The 360

By now I'm sure everyone has heard about Microsoft closing down Ensemble Studios, it's sad news for PC gamers and of course for the folks that work there. One of those being a cousin of mine who has been with Ensemble for 5 years. I'm sure he'll find work at some other studio as most of the guys there will, but many gamers are worried about what this means for Microsoft Game Studios and the future of the Xbox 360. This year MS has seen a lot of its first/second party studios go the way of the Dodo or just get bought out from under them. BioWare became part of the EA family, Bizarre Creations is now part of the dark empire that is ActiBlizzard, FASA closed down, and Bungie became independent again. While Bungie is still tied in some ways to it's former masters, everyone else is gone baby gone. So what's left?

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Cajun Chicken3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

1. Big name publishers are not going to make more money globally with titles only on one console, when they can make more money with twice the audience ...unless the publisher is the same as the console manufacturer and first party or a HUGE substantial amount of cash, which will probably be invested into multiplatform titles further down the road. See GTAIV DLC and Rockstar's mass profit. Perhaps timed exclusives, but people can wait.

2. Sony crafted an gaming empire by buying successful developers that worked on the PSone system and strived to get the most out of it, IPs and have kept them until this day and hasn't forced them to change in any manner. For example; Studio Liverpool (Previously psygnosis) is still making the Wipeout franchise and still has its unique spirit and creativity in tact, despite being part of SCE and is still open, making games.

3. Great, but what exactly is MS first party now? Ironic that they want to kill off 'Games for Windows' brand, for Windows their own OS by the sound of it.