Sexist or Not, Games Need Revise How They Represent Gender

Thomgame: There are number of questions which the industry needs to ask itself. Firstly, what responsibility is it of game marketers to ensure representations of gender within their games are free of blasé stereotyping and prejudice? Secondly, what impact are current practices having on the attitudes and perceptions of existing or potential markets? Is there a whole world of would-be female action gamers out there who feel alienated by the dominance and prevalence of either overly masculine male or overtly sexualised female characters?

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slave2Dcontroller3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Fat Princess comes in! XD and some Women still arent happy!!! Tsk Tsk

UNCyrus3694d ago

Fat Princess is going to be amazing... I love the photoshop'd picture of the gargantuan whale complaining about the game put in place of the princess...


meepmoopmeep3694d ago

lol, bubble slave2Dcontroller

sumfood4u3694d ago

All i'm saying is Appreaciate what life brings you! &&&&&& &&&&
Deal With It.

Forbidden_Darkness3694d ago

Ok, who would ever play a game where the girl is butt ugly (no offense)? and what girl wouldnt want to play a masculine male?

cyclindk3694d ago

If she were butt ugly, she'd have to have personality (I'm not being sarcastic here), she'd either have to be funny or have something else cool about her to make you want to play. I mean, the only "ugly" male characters in games are ones that are interesting in some other way...

Macbeth3694d ago

Gender roles will be played out in every medium out there. From books, to movies, and yes, even games. Its society. And in that regard. Who cares?

Sex sells. Do they honestly believe the Tomb Raider game series would have done as well if the main character looked like barbie on crack? I think not.

I honestly see great strides in the development of female characters. No longer do we just see the female in distress or the cutesy anime style chick. We now have diverse range from evil to bad-ass female characters.

Next they'll be complaining about the roles of characters of different races *rolls eyes*

Tacki3694d ago

Really if you look at gaming as a whole you'll find many different types of characters. Some the most extreme of stereotypes and others much more grounded in reality. However, it just so happens the game industry is much like the hollywood movie industry. Take for example your average hollywood blockbuster and put it up next to your average blockbuster game. You're likely to find the two aren't really that different.

More often than not you have hyper-masculine or hyper-sexualized characters. Why is this? It could be that the majority of society has somehow been influenced to see these types of characters as 'badass'. Gears of War, Tomb Raider, Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, God of War, Halo... all have characters that are instantly recognizable. Does it have anything to do with the fact that they're well thought-out multi-dimensional characters? Absolutely not. They're recognized and popular because of their actions and appearance. I think these types of characters and games are popular for many of the same reasons that overblown hollywood movies with explosions/action/CGI at every turn are often the heaviest hitters at the box office. It's all about instant gratification. Not all gamers play for this reason and this reason alone... but there are many who want to just jump right into a game without having to get emotionally invested. Without having to think to some extent.

I don't really have answers to how this can be changed, but I will pose the question: Does it need to be changed? Should games that aren't based in reality feature characters with characteristics of those in reality? I believe that should be left up to the developers to decide and the player has a choice whether to buy into that. I'm not so sure there's a wrong or a right in this case and though the majority of video game characters you find in the mainstream may be highly stereotypical... just as with film you'll find games with deeply involving stories and characters with depth. I don't think we're getting away from that either. I don't think games are becoming more mindless. On the contrary I think people are starting to respect games as more of an art form and developers are starting to look at it that way. The upcoming Heavy Rain is a good indication of that... as well as several other titles. It's probably true that we will continue to see these one-dimensional characters by the truck-load because they're so much easier to pull off... but the industry is expanding and there will be games aimed at a more mature audience. Those who are looking for more than just slicing aliens in half (though of course that deserves its place as well).

theusedfake3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

he looks like Christopher Walken's son in The Wedding Crashers

DreamcastFanboy3694d ago

Looks more like Chris crooker.

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