Cory: God of War 2 Demo Soon

Cory Barlong reports dutifully, that God of War 2, which is about two months out now, is nearing the final stages and that the official public demo disk should be shipping soon.

"We are going to be breaking off the demo code pretty soon and tuning the final tuning pass on the demo level so that is pretty damn exciting. It means that those of you who emailed earlier about the demo will soon be holding your sweet copy of the God of War 2 Demo...looking all bad ass and glistening in the sun...the demo...not you. Of course if you choose to oil yourself up before playing the demo that is your business...I am not here to judge. No firm date on when that stuff will go out yet but rest assured that when I will know. "

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Almost time to dust off the old ps2!!!

kornbeaner5236d ago

for God of war mobile later this year.