TrueGameHeadz preview: Warhammer Online With Mark Jacobs

Altecha from TrueGameHeadz writes:

""Premium games for premium players."

Those are words from Mark Jacobs, CEO of Mythic Entertainment under EA Games, and the force behind "Warhammer: Age of Reckoning" (W.A.R.) or simply Warhammer Online. Those five words can be used to answer many of the questions that W.A.R. encountered since it was announced as a MMORPG. Most of these questions are born in the aftermath of the World of Warcraft phenomenon and are unavoidable to any serious MMORPG developer.

While the rest of the internet community has already made their thoughts known and disputed, we are still eager to hear what the W.A.R. people have to say. All of us have been through the days ..."

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jsoncip383690d ago

Maybe WAR will finally convince me to play an MMO.... maybe