Blog: With Project Scorpio, Microsoft Is Changing the Rules

With both Microsoft and Sony releasing upgraded consoles mid-cycle, the rules have certainly changed.

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Xavy737d ago (Edited 736d ago )

Microsoft tried to change the rules with Xbone and FAILED hard!

Whatever Sony does MS follows like this gen have shown us, and it will continue like this til the day gaming dies.

vegasgamerdawg737d ago

Got to love N4G, first post is fanBOY drivel. SO much for intelligent conversation. Let's battle who's got the better opinion....smh.

rainslacker737d ago

How about changing the rules and posting something intelligent for people to discuss instead of criticizing someone else for being unintelligent.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Hoffmann736d ago

Replying to a shitpost with another shitpost is like releasing one obsolete game console after another one.

Eonjay736d ago

You comment is worse because it adds nothing to the conversation. It is pathetic for you to have such disdain for a site you so frequently visit.

LexHazard79736d ago

What I find even funnier is you guys giving vegasgamer a hard time, probably agreed with Xavy. Lol...

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Kingthrash360737d ago

MS is changing the rules with scorpio? But sonys ps4pro comes before the scorpio no? So wasn't it sony who changed the rules? I'm confused.

Errorist76736d ago

Exactly...MS weren't even working on Scorpio until they heard about Sony realeasing PSPro earlier this year. So who changed the rules?!

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blackout736d ago

Sony is not changing anything either. Microsoft has done this before, OG XBOX. Sony is just now getting down with the wave.

lokirevamped736d ago

Just because something releases first doesn't mean it was thought of or even worked on first.

Kingthrash360735d ago

Yeah it just leaked first, releases first, shown in action first, confirmed first, shown full specs first, will bring native 4k first, and be the first to be hated on by guys like you...also I'm implying to the title....and which is a bs title.

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LexHazard79736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

Lmao....fanboy logic.

GorillaTact736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

No disrespect intended, but how old are you? Console hardware and software has been playing tit for tat since the NES/Sega days. If you do some reading on the history of console hardware/software you will learn that you are in a looping argument and all major companies in the history of console gaming have been in the leader/follower role at some point.

lokirevamped736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

What puzzles me is, How can anyone that doesn't like a particular platform enter into a room about that platform? If I hated something there is no way I would care to hear anything about it. Now to the article. I really don't think the Scorpio is targeted to users with 4k TV's so to say. I think the PS4Pro as well as the Scorpio will be targeted to gamers like myself who like now change and not later change. I have no problem for mid life consoles to come out that allows for higher FPS or graphics (I prefer 1080p\60FPS)....I have the Pro ordered and I await an order date for the Scorpio.

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Manashake736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

How i would love to buy an xbox, but i can't hardly find some games i love to play. Mostly fps war and sports...two genres i don't care about. 📈

Yohshida736d ago

Racing, strategy, platformer, Party, fighting, mmo, Zombie survival, Action..... So many different genres

Errorist76736d ago

Didn't you just state you game on PC? Why not just play all this on PC?!

Yohshida736d ago

I have all current game platforms. I play the game on the platform with my most friends online. Rocket league on PC, Gears on Xbox etc. Most mp games either PC or Xbox.

Manashake736d ago

All genres i don't like, except for platformers. 😉

ShowanW736d ago

The rules have changed, and both MS & Sony realized it had to change.

Tech advances rapidly, very rapidly... Games consoles are about the only piece of tech that stays stagnant for 5+ yrs. Heck I saw an article the other day with Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook fame) wearing a prototype Oculous Rift Headset that's completely wireless. The current Rift hasnt even been on the market for 6months and a new VR headset already appears to be in WORKING prototype stages. Thats how fast tech advances.

But Sony & MS are on to something very smart. Iteratitive consoles. Iterative like cell phones, but not iterating at a pace phone pace.

4K tvs cost an arm and a leg in 2014 when the PS4 & Xbox One were still pretty new on store shelves, now as we head into 2017, u can get a 4K display (a pretty good one at that) for $800-$1000.

Once PS4Pro and Project Scorpio are on store shelves for 3-4yrs or so, I believe they will become the "base model" consoles... Sony and MS will introduce official PS5 and "Next"-Box respectively and all games will continue to just work... Launch PS4 & Xbox Ones will be phased put and the cycle will continue like that if successful

Errorist76736d ago

PS5 will be out 2 years after Scorpio already, don't forget that.

ShowanW736d ago (Edited 736d ago )


if sony is sticking with a 3yr cycle, i guess this makes sense.

PS4 (2013) > 4Pro (2016)> PS5? (2019)

edit: but there may be a chance that sony waits on a major technology shift (new cpu, or gpu, or better cooling) that may, convince them to wait an additional year or so.

Errorist76736d ago


They won't let have MS have a faster console for longer than needed. Especially since PS5 will most likely be downward compatible.

Chris12736d ago

@Errorist76 - on every MS thread spreading lies and FUD. You have no idea when PS5 will be released. You also claim that MS hadn't even considered Scorpio until earlier this year, again complete crap. I'm sure you get your jollies from spreading lies but you can only cry wolf so many times buddy. Pathetic.

GrubsterBeater735d ago

@Gangsta Red

Do you have any of those things for the Scorpio aside from "targeted 6TF" and "Holiday 2017 target release"?

Didn't think so..

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