ReCore Review - Pause Resume

Will a budget price mean a budget game? Alexandra investigates the Xbox One and PC exclusive ReCore.

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gangsta_red1832d ago

Heard the technical issues were patched, so maybe one day I'll give this game a shot from Gamefly.

maybelovehate1832d ago

I couldn't get into it. The first two boss battles especially just weren't very fun. Instead of making great AI they seemed to just take away any environmental cover or strategy that would make it fun . I might give it another go when the releases slow down.

conanlifts1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

If you didn't like the first few bosses it is probably not the game for you. The last 5 levels require a lot if pointless searching for orbs in all the locations you have already been over. You need 45 in total. Plus the last 5 levels are pretty much the same. I really enjoyed the game but the end was annoying and monotonous.

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game4funz1831d ago

Finally a review on the game that isnt completely biased based on todays standards.
The game has issues but its been unfairly bombarded with negative reviews.

Youre pretty much getting a 3D version of a 2D megaman o metroid game. Not as clean and polished but just as much fun. I have no problem with backtracking since it helps me find parts and get cores to continue to craft the schematics for the bots. Not to mention if you simply explore and head back when you realize you have the bot you need then there really isnt a need to backtrack at the end of the game.

I currently have over 32 cores and havent gotten all my bots yet and definitely dont feel like I backtracked much at all.