Studio Research Shows BD Vastly Outpacing HD DVD (chart).

Continuing its industry leadership role and unwavering commitment to the Blu-ray disc format, the only high-definition packaged media format supported by the movie, music, gaming and computing industries, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (TCFHE) announced its impressive slate of upcoming Blu-ray Disc (BD) titles due for release through the first half of 2007 in North America. Following the chart-topping sales success of Q4 2006 releases X-Men: The Last Stand and Ice Age: The Meltdown BD releases -- 2 of the top 3 BD sellers to date-- plans call for the Company to collectively release an average of 5 to 10 titles per month from Fox and MGM. The Studio's new release titles will be released day-and-date with DVD whenever possible including the recent box-office smash hit A Night at the Museum and the fantasy epic Eragon coming later this year.

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power of Green 5234d ago

Numbers posted by Sony fans mean nothing Blu-ray will never appeal to the masses despite what you think and the current spike in Blu-ray sales(due to PS3's limited numbers)The bulk of consumers are on a budget and will not buy PS3's or $1000 DVD players Hollywood will drop surport of the seemingly champ as they did before.

power of Green 5234d ago (Edited 5234d ago )

HD-DVD players make people's DVD collection look better than DVD players we'll wait for the industry.

Marty83705234d ago

Your just blind to the fact that PS3 is doing exactly what it was meant too and sell Blu-ray too the masses.Both games and movies come on Blu-ray which will push Blu-ray further.With the majority of Studio's backing Blu-ray,HD-DVD stand no chance at all.

scriptkiddie5234d ago

Quote" Your just blind to the fact that PS3 is doing exactly what it was meant too and sell Blu-ray too the masses"

Too bad the PS3 wasn't meant to play games as a game machine...

power of Green 5234d ago

MY BUDDIES DAD TOLD ME THE OTHER DAY; FOLKS WERE SAYING THE SAME THING YOU ARE SAYING WITH THE VHS vs BETTA MAX BS. The players are too expensive with lack luster rip offs of HD-DVD features. People see the BR player as they do $8000 Plasma's TV's.

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