Levine: "I got some nasty f***ing threats"

BioShock designer Ken Levine has revealed that he received some "nasty f***ing threats" over the controversial PC copy protection of his underwater FPS. Calm down, PC gamers...

Speaking to PC Zone, Levine said that as Irrational Games' front man he needed to stand his ground and take the threats over BioShock's copy protection - which required a mandatory internet connection and allowed only two installs.

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RememberThe3573692d ago

Maybe if you stopped pirating all those damn games, they would do this sh*t. You guys drought it on your selves.

Tobias1233692d ago

Are people like me supposed to take this? I'll admit, I pirated Crysis(and I went out and bought it the week after). But other than that, I have bought all of my games, every single one, and DRM like this, and the one that is on Spore, is just obscene. If I pay full price for something, I want to be able to install it as many times as I want, and do as much as I want with it. The only people who win in situations like this are the pirates, everyone else loses.

solar3692d ago

Steam...that is all. good night.

Lionsguard3692d ago

The only people who were the winners in the Bioshock fiasco WERE the pirates. They had unlimited installs. Things like this solve nothing it just turns more people into pirates.

The_Firestarter3692d ago

That's entirely true! When Bioshock first came out, I went to a nearby GameStop to grab myself a copy. After the two installs were used up (I NEEDED to reformat my pc, no joke) I was pretty bummed out I couldn't reinstall it one more time.

I've reformatted my pc a million times before, but I never had to deal with this (Steam is awesome). So, what was my only option? I found a crack for the game through torrents...

name3692d ago

EVERYONE didn't pirate PC games. IF someone payed full price for the game they should be able to do whatever they want with it. It's their game after they buy it. Needing an internet connection and only being allowed 2 installs? Even PSN games allow you to download the same game 5 times. Even with this piracy people still pirate PC games, it doesn't help anything.

ar3692d ago

Five times? I remember reading somewhere that it's an unlimited amount of times and on five different PS3:s (changing your harddrive would count as a different PS3).

FantasyStar3692d ago

You've read correct, you can download any PSN game that you own as many times as you want. However the people on other PS3s can only download your game once. I don't think changing the HDD will add to your "PSN total count" because last time I checked, the PSN game is tied to your account and PS3 MAC address when you activate it. Changing the HDD doesn't change your MAC address.

Can someone confirm this?

shazam3692d ago

you can download any owned game any number of times on any system as long as you sign in to the account that owns it. and some games the system has to have the password of the owner account saved on the system. and some games like gt5p and warhawk if you dl the game on another system the original system cannot play the game for about 24-48 hours. and if the owner account is deleted then the game will never be playable again by anyone ever.

pixelsword3691d ago long as I download it as many times as I need it, I'm good.

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cliffbo3692d ago

that's nothing compared to what he's going to get when people get their hands on the gimped PS3 version. no use of Blu-ray, no graphical improvements, 5GB install and full price. get it, enjoy it, but consider how good it would have been if they hadn't taken the short cut

Tarasque3692d ago

Have you lost your mind, do you think for a min that it is easy to port a game from 360 to the ps3 is a walk in the park. Alot of dev time had to go into making it run and look as good as the 360 version (Which people should be thankful for), they had to learn the ps3's tech and how to get things run in order. Now they have had their hands on it the next port should be better cause they better understand the ps3 and what makes it work. Should be thankful your getting such a great game...

pixelsword3691d ago

There was graphical improvements, several columnists said that already.

and how is it gimped if it runs better and gets extra stuff?

I don't know about the rest of the stuff, but since I also game on a PC, a 5gb install doesn't phase me at all.

InMyOpinion3692d ago

Smart enough to produce games like Spore and Bioshock but too stupid to understand that DRM isn't any good for your game...

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