Gamasutra Interview - CD Projekt: The Witcher: Enhanced 'All Based On Feedback of Fans'

Polish studio CD Projekt gained international notice with the release of last year's The Witcher, and senior producer Tomasz Gop tells Gamasutra the decision to release an upcoming major enhancement for the game is largely a response to the company's new, substantial fanbase.

Produced by development arm CD Projekt RED, the PC RPG was based on a series of literary works by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, and was noted for its gameplay repercussions based on players' moral choices -- and its unapologetically unvarnished language. Next week, CD Projekt and publisher Atari will release The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, a Criterion Collection-like package that will include a soundtrack CD, a printed map, a short story, and other items.

More significantly, it will include a number of improvements to the game itself, including new adventures, increased variety in NPC and enemy graphics and animations, better loading and stability, and the ability to use any combination of localized voice recordings and translated subtitles. All of the changes and additions to the game itself will also be offered as a free 2GB update to owners of the original release.

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