'Muslim Massacre' video game condemned for glamorising slaughter of Arabs

A computer game in which players control an American soldier sent to "wipe out the Muslim race" has been condemned as offensive and tasteless by British Muslim groups.

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Hellsvacancy3691d ago

I remember the controversy when Hitman 2 was released i think that was about the same thing "walking into a mosque and killing everyone" which i didnt hav a problem doin in fact i tend to kill everyone i can in the Hitman games i dont care if there white/black/yellow or wot-ever, there just games man,

cyclindk3691d ago

Good thing there's no such thing as a Muslim "race"...

riksweeney3690d ago

Pretty good fun. Some of them are quite tricky to kill. Managed to get past Osama (who orders planes to crash on you) but then got killed by a bloke with a rocket launcher.