Review: PlayStation VR - PSX-Sense

Sony releases a completely new product this year which allows virtual reality with PlayStation 4. We are talking about PlayStation VR, Sony's VR headset that was announced in 2014 under the name 'Project Morpheus'. It is now 2016 and it's finally in stores on October 13 worldwide, making it the most economical option to experience VR. We've been able to test the headset on our own for a while, so it's time for the review. Read on to find out if PlayStation VR is something for you.

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UCForce2549d ago

PSVR is very comfortable to wear.

G20WLY2549d ago

Comfortable and light. They did an excellent job with it's design, even allowing for glasses wearers to get involved, unlike the other headsets out there.

I'd usually be less inclined to trust a review for PS hardware from a PS website, but this is in line with all the others who are loving it just as much. Can't get here soon enough for me!


It's a good thing Microsoft now says its "adorably all digital" future plans are outdated

They suggested a potentially different path to Sony, and poorer game preservation as a result.

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Vits1d 3h ago

Honestly, I don't mind a digital-only device - I do play mostly on PC after all. I just think that one paired with Microsoft's way of handling expandable storage is a bad idea.

Like, just imagine how expensive that would get with 1TB costing around 150 USD and the current sizes for AAA titles.

FinalFantasyFanatic9h ago

Agreed, it wouldn't be so bad if you could drop any drive into it, personally I'd like some games to still have collectors editions (I miss that about PC gaming, you don't really see physical collector's editions any more).

Cacabunga6h ago

If all goes digital, you’ll pay for everything the price they want you to, and you won’t own anything!!!
I have over 700 games as freebies from PS+ since it was first revealed on PS3.. i just never bother to look in it i just feel like they aren’t there.. would have loved to have them physical

Vits6h ago


Yes, the issue here is price.
As for collector editions, honestly, I have never been that much about collecting them. But I do miss the time when physical games had actually physical things other than the cartridge/disk.


That is another issue with consoles, as they all work as walled gardens the prices are dictated by a single entity. So the issue is not exactly that games are digital but rather the stronghold that the manufacturers have on the sales channels.

Now if you are blind to online content simply because it's digital. Then that is more of "you" issue and likely one that will give you a lot of headaches in the coming decade.

northpaws5h ago

Not that I agree on all digital future, but it is not like you are saving any spaces for buying physical disc, you still need the exact same space to install the game.

Vits5h ago

Oh definitely. But at least in my case, I like to have all my library backed up. Physical media does that by default but on a console like the Xbox Series you have a real issue if you plan on doing that with digital games.

aaronaton12h ago

I honestly don't understand when ppl buy digitally over physical on launch when the game is the same price.
With physical, you actually own the game, its not a prolonged rent. Plus with single player games costing over £60, its nice to know you can recuperate costs after completion.
Ppl that buy all digital are either lazy or not very savvy when it comes to expenses.

ocelot0712h ago

Many positives for digital. So for example EA Sports FC 24 is a game I put 200 plus hours in and will be playing off and on for a year until 25 releases. For me it was actually cheaper getting digital. Cheapest I could find on disc was £62. On PSN it was £65 I went to shopto.net and bought £65 worth of PSN credit for £58.

Another reason I buy a fair few games digitally is game sharing with my partner. She likes call of duty I also enjoy cod but get board of it right away. Again it's another £65 game that costs us £58. Since we are going half each it actually cost us £29 each. That's much better than paying £60+ for a disc copy each.

The likes of say Spiderman and god of war if it's single player only. I'll get on disc. As once I'm fully done with it. If my partner wants to play it she can. If not I can sell and get some money back for the next game.

andy8511h ago

People need to use thegamecollection more. They give £10 extra reward points on new games and are generally the cheapest place anyway. EA 24 is £59 so as I always use their site it's basically £10 extra off and with my cashback it would have been £45 for me. AC Mirage only cost me £25 from there.

EvertonFC9h ago

Exactly, i played and completed spiderman over a weekend, bought for £60 and sold at CEX for £48. ONLY cost me £12 for a AAA title. I will buy MP games but 20 hour SP games 1 weekend and cash back.

Vits11h ago

It depends a lot on what game and what region you were in. For example, where I live we don't really get all the games officially launched for PS5 in physical format. This means that we often have to buy the American or European versions of the game, but that comes with an annoyance because of how PSN deals with DLC. Another issue is the market up that those games that don't get an official release end up getting on physical.
For example, Koei Tecmo stuff tends to be between 10% to 20% more expensive on physical and if you buy it from an internet store (Amazon and the likes) you normally don't know which version of the game you will get.

That also basically murders the second-hand market. Because again as people pay extra for the physical version, they have a tendency to charge extra as well. So it's not uncommon to find second-hand games at a similar price as the digital versions, do they sell? Probably not, but that doesn't stop people from listing them.

However, there are obvious exceptions. Sony-published titles have a tendency to be a bit cheaper in physical media during launch. Spider-Man 2 for example can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now for 15% less than the digital version. So in summary it's all a big fat "it depends".

Asplundh11h ago

Game share, if you have someone to share with it can save a chunk of money.

Vengeance113811h ago

Maybe open your eyes and look at the full picture instead of judging?
Physical is exactly that, physical. It takes up physical space, room. I've been collecting physical from PS1, PS2 to PS3 and with hundreds of games I simply don't have the physical space left to add more shelves nor would it make sense to being in an apartment.
Digital just makes alot more sense, buy 100s or thousands of games, have it take up 0 extra space physically. Couldn't care less about "owning" the game, I just want to play it and complete it.

FinalFantasyFanatic9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

I already put my PS1 collection in a tub and sealed it away for now, I was thinking of doing the same with some of my older consoles I don't regularly play (e.g. the PS2, Wii, N64, ect...).

Vengeance11389h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Yeah I have all my PS1, PS2 and PS3 collection in a 2 huge tubs sealed away. Shelf space is for physical movies, as they are far superior to any modern streaming platform.

EvertonFC4h ago

I had all my music collection stolen (£1000s) when I worked overseas but it was all in like 6 big boxes. I ended up just downloading all my music collection off a torrent and put it all in about 3 memory sticks.
Best thing that ever happened my music collection getting stolen 🤣😂

sci4me10h ago

Since i split that cost by 2 (sharing with son) your premiss is wrong. I stand to save money instead of bying two copies.

Shane Kim9h ago

Nowadays, you dont own physical either. They can just write a piece of code and your disc reader won't read said game.

TQQ9h ago

That to my knowledge has never happened and if it did they would have a class action suit waiting to happen.

Don't boogey man stuff.

mandf8h ago

You can still install and play

shinoff21834h ago

That's exaggerated though. While a few games have done that most don't. As someone who prefers physical I just look into it before I buy.

EvertonFC9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

"I honestly don't understand when ppl buy digitally over physical on launch"

I bought "bloodborne" twice and sold it used at CEX, eventually I bought bloodborne digital and have loved it ever since without the temptation of selling it.

FinalFantasyFanatic9h ago

If they're the same price, I normally choose the physical, it's only when the digital version has a really good sale that I pick it instead. Or in the case of PC, digital is the only choice, but there's lots of store fronts and key sellers to choose from.

shinoff21834h ago

I'm sorta like this. I'll buy digital on a good sale as long as it's under 20 bucks. If I like the game enough I still will usually find a physical version.

FatalityX775h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Your paying 5 bux more for tax for physical. Also if your disc drive ceases to work, your gonna need it fixed and consoles don't last too long. So your dependent on other factors. Digital sales are much cheaper if you hold out. So it's a give and take. We never own the games as they are useless without a console which consoles cease production after 10 years. It's all temporary. One could argue physical owners pay more in the long run for plastic.

shinoff21834h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I gotta pay tax on digital, my ps1 ps2 and ps3 still work. By the time one might break down. I'm sure in my lifetime I'd be able to manage to find one if needing replaced

northpaws5h ago

@aaronaton for me, digital is half the price because I use the family share function with my brother who live at a different household. I used to do 100% physical too.