Nintendo seems proud of Disaster's English voice actors

Siliconera: At last we're seeing Disaster: Day of Crisis in motion. The sporadic media blast isn't a moment too soon since the game is, like, coming out on September 25 without much warning in Japan. This video is a compilation of the TV commercials currently on Japan's Nintendo Channel. I'm still not even sure what kind of game Disaster: Day of Crisis is, but some of the controls are revealed. When you have to flee from a giant tidal wave you furiously shake the remote and nunchuck. Remote swipes make Raymond leap over pits of lava. Nintendo still hasn't outlined how the shooting sequences work, but grizzly bears will be a problem for Raymond.

The Japanese version has English voice acting and Japanese subtitles, a feature Nintendo is promoting by pointing out there is English acting before every TV ad.

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Durffen3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

This game looks so sick.

DarkBlood3716d ago

before i use to think he looked like billy from resident evil 0

jorgeanaya0003716d ago

I love the way the guy says "Disaster", in the beginning of each tv spot. Can't wait.