UGO: Bethesda's Pete Hines Clarifies Fallout 3's Drug Change

UGO writes: "There's been a lot of talk in the blogosphere about changes that were made to Fallout 3 so that the game wasn't banned in certain territories (most notably Austraila). It was revealed yesterday by Edge Online that the changes made to the game would be made across all territories, so as to not create confusion, but what changes, specifically? I shot a note to Pete Hines, VP of Marketing and PR at Bethesda, to find out just what was changed."

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Jamegohanssj53784d ago

No drugs? No game for me >_>.


HighDefinition3784d ago

Besides that I`ll feel bad cause I just quit "Fantasy Herb" last week.

But I still smoke the "weed"


Jamegohanssj53784d ago

Lol wow. I like the drugs in the game because I don't do them in real life. I would kill for a game with Crystal Meth and Acid. Both drugs actually affect how your character play too.


bunbun7773784d ago

The drugs are staying baby! Just switch over Morphine to Med-X and a bunch of bureaucrats get happy. Man though for 1 second I was floored by hearing the change(s) were gonna be universal- but if all they really took out was the name, then awesome! Just don't take my Crak-x!

MK_Red3783d ago

Hmm... If the only thing censored is name of drug then I'm cool but I'm worried that more may have changed.

HighDefinition3783d ago

It took bad news about Fallout3 to bring MKred out.

Welcome back.

MK_Red3783d ago

Thanks my friend :)
I was insanely worried after hearing the original news but I feel better now :D

Aclay3783d ago

Well, that's a minor change.... at first I was thinking the entire game was going to be toned down.... oh well, can't wait for Oct. 28th :)

Bathyj3783d ago

Med X actually sounds better. We just cant do the "morphine the better" joke.

M$ will probably sue now for associating drugs with Xbox. Xbox sounds like a container for your stash now. ;)

"Pass the Xbox, I wanna do another hit."

VF34EJ253783d ago

and "Don't take a hit too long or you'll turn red and die"

lol sorry, had to

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