Pro-business think tank: US broadband market is peachy-keen

Ars: You've heard the claim: the US is behind when it comes to broadband in every area that counts. In price, speed, and availability, the US is getting whooped by Japan, Korea, and 13 other countries, according to widely-quoted OECD numbers. And what's worse is the fact that the US has been dropping in the rankings over the last five years. A new report out today from the Progress & Freedom Foundation suggests that everything you know is wrong, that US broadband is (or should be) the envy of the world, and that infrastructure competition always trumps line-sharing. Also, it uses the phrase "regulatory teat." Ars

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UltimateIdiot9113743d ago

I agree with this article. So far, if it wasn't for Verizon, I think broadband would be even worse right now. It seems like these companies are just monopolies and there really isn't a need for them to improve.