Motorstorm is coming to the PSP

Dutch website reports that a British game store (GAME) listed Motorstorm for the PSP in their game database. An error you would think. But a while ago Sony announced that we can expect some big (game related) surprises for the PSP in 2009.

After Resistance another big PS3 game coming to the PSP? Only time will tell.

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You bought an Xbox3690d ago

This game is playable on the PSP
And can't be done on the Xbox

Ha Ha !!!!!!!!!!!!

Xbot Loosers

Ha Ha

Kingsora3690d ago

It's not going to be the same game ya know... And who said it wouldn't be possible on the 360? It's never coming to the 360 because it's a Sony franchise, but it probably would be possible on 360.

TheMART3690d ago

Motorstorm 83%

Forza 2: 90%

PGR3: 89%

PGR4: 86%

The 360 has the better games in the racing genre haahahah

PS3 tards. Motorstorm isn't that great, but hey keep hyping it!

El_Colombiano3690d ago

Oh God, Mart change your avatar! Your a disgrace, thus you shouldn't have such a great thing that is Sackboy as your visual representative. God, you really screwed up there.

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Cajun Chicken3690d ago

I don't see why we can't have a minimized less technical based version on PSP.

Kingsora3690d ago

Indeed, I hope we can also expect an Uncharted, Sly Raccoon and a new SOCOM for PSP.

Now that would make my day ^^

Cajun Chicken3690d ago

Oh man! An Uncharted. You hit the spot right there. That would be nothing sort of amazing, that's exactly the type of action game I need handheld, personally. Ready at Dawn have another PSP job to do.
But I would settle for a Jak on PSP if not on PS3 as previously believed.

Andras843690d ago

Not for this PSP!!

I think SONY should release a PSP2 with two thumbsticks so we could play games like Uncharted on it properly. Also it would be good for FPS games as well. I just need a second thumbstick :(....

Cajun Chicken3690d ago

Just pretend you're playing with a Dreamcast controller.
I was skeptical at first with the PSPs controls, but its pretty much flawless and been perfected since R&C:SM.
I really don't see what people are complaining about anymore.

Narutone663690d ago

I wish they would speed up the Gran Turismo 4 for the PSP instead of pushing back the development. But since they are concentrating on Gran Turismo 5, I can't really complain.

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Kingsora3690d ago

Yeah well to bad that Ready at Dawn stopped with PSP development, buy hey there are enough other talented PSP developers out there.

Btw remember that patent Jak and Daxter: The precursor legacy? Well, that game is (according tot the rumors) for PSP. SO with a little bit of luck..

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