A week of Chrome: Google's browser gets 7% share at Ars

Ars examines Chrome's market share: Google's Chrome web browser has received lots of attention since its release last week. Although initial interest was very high immediately after the launch, third-party as well as Ars Technica's internal statistics show that Chrome hasn't significantly displaced other browsers yet. The new browser still is pulling around 7 percent market share at Ars, and while it lacks maturity, it could gain more traction as it improves.

Net Applications, which has been tracking Chrome market share on an hourly basis, shows that the browser's popularity peaked at roughly 1.7 percent of the global browser market on September 5. It has fluctuated in waves since then and is currently hovering around 1 percent. According to Net Applications, Chrome has already passed Netscape and Opera, which are both around 0.75 percent.

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