Phoenix Games Reviews Billy Frontier

Phoenix Games: "When I sit down to write a gaming review, I try to leave out my personal feelings and give a non-bias review. But this game is different. This is by far one of the best games to be released for the iPhone. With graphics on par with NintendoDS and PSP games, Billy Frontier feels and plays like a console game. I could not put this game down and played until the battery was drained."

You are Billy Frontier, a space cowboy on a mission to clean up the galaxy and kick some alien outlaw butt. Like any good lawman, you are decked out in leather with a six shooter strapped to your side. You must battle your way through eight missions taking place in towns and in the middle of some nasty swamps. Each type of terrain presents its own unique challenges and creatures which helps to create some of the nicest 3D environments found on the iPhone.

Beginning a new game, you are presented with eight different missions full of dirty scoundrels that need to be brought to justice. The left missions take place in Town and can be considered somewhat easier. This is a great place to start if you are new to this game. Playing the target practice mission first will help you to master your six shooter and let you get used to the controls. Billy Frontier has a great use of the touch screen which makes for a pleasurable gun slinging experience. Just touch and drag your finger to zero in on your target and tap to fire.

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