The Real Story Behind Mafia 3's Development


"In this mini-documentary series, we go in-depth with Mafia 3's development team at Hangar 13 to hear about their process creating the game's story and world."

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Hydrolex1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

One of the worst games of this gen.... Waste of money!

Hydrolex1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Good for me? Shakin your head? What?? I can't wait for the reviews to come out and destroy this game. Mark my words, gamespot and ign will give this game 6 or less ... I am so mad how much i was hyped, and wasted my money on this.

webley1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Completely disagree. This game is extremely well crafted. The navigation on foot and in vehicle is ridiculously smooth, the combat is better than GTAV. The subtleties of this game really shines when you walk through the environment taking in the conversations and awesome soundtrack. The Story is one of the best revenge stories I've ever seen in gaming. Each scenario can be tackled in so many ways with different loadouts. I like to fire from the hip instead of always going into aim mode. The PC version is getting the most stick, I played it on PS4 and had minimal graphical bugs after the day one update. All the negative feedback I've seen has mostly been nonsense to be honest, yours is a prime example. Simple trolling.

Aenea1807d ago

There are some graphical glitches, but other than that I'm rather enjoying it and am glad I bought it.

2pacalypsenow1807d ago

Better Story than GTA 5 and less glitches than Skyrim

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Manubiggs1807d ago

It's got its issues and its repetive, but I am enjoying it so much. About 15 hours in and can't wait for work to finish so I cna go back for more. Plus the collectibles are fun ... I am about to go into a police station guns blazing for a copy of Playboy magazine.

C-H-E-F1806d ago

Haha, glad to see you enjoying it for what it is. So many people inflated expectations for this to not be a Mafia game. It looks like this game fits the Mafia series. I haven't had a chance to play my copy yet, my wife has and loves it. I've been busy traveling, but as soon as i'm able to get a few hours of game time in I will be all in for sure. Ironically i come back Thursday which is PSVR day so this will be interesting. haha.