Pocket Gamer: AMF Bowling Pinbusters Review

Back in the American 1950s bowling alleys - along with bubblegum and convertibles with fins - were the gleaming future. Almost 60 years on, they evoke little more than the greasy whiff of the nearby burger bar, and that's before you press your feet into a pair of moist rental shoes and slide your digits in to the germ-ridden finger holes of a heavy ball. It's expensive, uncomfortable and, for those lacking in the metronomic-talent required to be a star, not a huge amount of fun after the first twenty minutes.

Welcome to the exotic locales and glorious selection of global stereotypes of AMF Bowling Pinbusters!. It promises to bring some glamour back into bowling. But delve deeper and you'll be met with a generally sub-standard game that's framed by simplistic controls and slow-paced gameplay - although, at least you can choose to play it outside the olfactory radius of a burger bar.

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