The future of gaming is all in the mind

"LONDON, England (CNN) -- Be excited, but be scared. A world of mind-blowing possibilities is suddenly being thrust upon the world of video gaming."

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coolfool4318d ago

but I would be worried about people accessing my brain. What if you "convince" people to cause crimes on your behalf? How would you tell the difference between their own thoughts and implanted thoughts?

snittolo4318d ago

I'm sure their will be a lot of trust with this kind of system if it really takes off, if big enough it will get heavy control and monitoring for sure.

chaosatom4318d ago

They will find lots of use for it.

DeadlyFire4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Why sell it to Sony? They are already working on the next step. They already have it patented since 2003 for a matrix like gaming device with ultrasounds. I doubt its close to done yet though.

Newscientist Article - 2005 |

Patent # 6,729,337 |
Patent # 6,536,440 |

I LOVE my xbox4317d ago

That's pretty exciting stuff there... I had no idea they had such patents..... wish I'm still alive to see Sony implementing some of that technology into gaming...

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pwnsause4318d ago

screw that, that isnt the future of gaming. PS9 is the future of gaming lolololololol

TheColbertinator4318d ago

Playstation 9? Too bad I won't be alive to see that.Unless...

wrshredder4317d ago

Even after eight consoles ,they still havent come up with a new name :D
Gotta love that spiderman font..

Common Sense4318d ago

It needs to be precise. Since, this reacts to brain activity. What will happen to someone's character when they are on hallucinogens, narcotics and stimulants?

InMyOpinion4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Personally I believe the future of gaming is up the @ss. For total control we will have one stick shoved up the @ss, one in the mouth and one in each hand. This way we will be able to do rough movements with our anus, more precise moves by stimulating the mouth stick with our tongue and also use our hands for action moves, like jerking...a key.

The future is up our @ss. (Yes it's stolen from that South Park episode)

Pain4318d ago

in the form of a Console most likely a PS3 or 4 bought with Cash.

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