$700 Crysis Warhead PC Specs Revealed

Sean Hollister writes- "With one week left before the game's launch, the specs for the official $700 Crysis Warhead PC have finally arrived, and I'll be damned - it looks like you might actually get your money's worth."

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chaosatom3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

why hasn't anybody commented on it.

I'll wait for offical confirmation.

Tempist3782d ago

Remember a year ago the GeForce 9800s were expensive as well as a lot of the other parts for that machine and in the last year all prices have dropped a lot. 9800s cost close to $100 and the newer Intel chips forced down older chip prices.

There are caviates to this lower computer price than what people think.

AAACE53781d ago

$700 for a PC to play one game, when you can buy a Ps3 or 360 and play the new Far Cry which in my opinion looks just as good or possibly better than Crysis!

slinkey1233781d ago


The 9800's havnt been out for a year. The 9800gt has only been out for a month, and its the exact same card as the 8800gt. Also the E7300 is one of the newest intel chips out, but it wasnt intended for high end desktop's. Still a great CPU though.

xav09713782d ago

designed to run crysis warhead at 30 fps on high. didn't say what resolution they were running it at but my guess is 1024X768. the computer doesn't come with keyboard, mouse or monitor. not even sure if that includes windows or not but it should.

FantasyStar3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

If Crysis is anything to go by. This PC will crumble under the might of "Very High" settings. I don't expect Warhead to fare any better.

I can build a better Crysis "High" setting PC less for what they want.

ZOTAC 8800GT - $120 (because the 9800GT is just a rebrand)

AMD Phenom X4 9550 Agena - $140


Xion Mid-ATX Case w/ Side Window - $40

Western-Digital 250GB HDD 16MB SATA2 - $60

LiteOn 20x DVD +/- RW SATA 2MB w/ Lightscribe - $26

Rosewill 550W RP550 ATX12V - $55

A-DATA 4GB(2x 2GB) DDR2-800 5-5-5-18 - $70

Total Price- $591 (before tax, before shipping)

So there, A quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM, an overclockable Mobo, same-quality Video card, DVD-Burner, and 550W PSU for $8 less.

Of course, you'll need your own OS. But just use your old one and you're good to go. If you've got the skills, build your own PC. It's worth it.

moses3782d ago

That quad core is a terrible choice with a E8500 3.16ghz 40$ away, and so it the 8800GT when you can get a 4850 for 150$ with rebate on newegg.

potenquatro3782d ago

i'm preatty sure i can build one with a quad core, more powerful ATI instead of Nvidia maybe even a 700 psu and no keyboard and mouse for about the same price. maybe having to get the OS for free,maybe but still about the same price.

Pain3782d ago

need any more proof?

Shroomy3782d ago

I actually need "proof" instead of your dumb opinion.

Shroomy3781d ago

"Fine hear it is. Your a F**king Moron if u buy PC hardware every few months or years.

there good enough?

go update your PC idiot. il use a Console and NOT upgrade like i always have and never need to do.

just F**k off with your if u think PC's are the Gamers chioce retard. Only Fat moroic losers waste Money On Game PC's.

Go use that Money on a Girl.

$700 on a PC that will be a tard in 3 months is a F**king joke like you IQ kid."

like you IQ kid HAHAHA Talk about pathetic, I'm surprised you know what girls are you spend so much time on about your pathetic little console, sad lifeless git or what.

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