'Gears of War 4' Successfully Avoids The Problems of 'Halo 4'

It's been five years since the last Gears of War game, which is just long enough to remember how much fun this series can be.

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showtimefolks742d ago

Halo has been lost since bungie left ms

Halo 4 nor halo 5 have made the same impact sales or quality wise and both have had the shortest campaigns in franchise history (and no local co op for halo 5)

Gears 4 looks amazing
Plays amazing

Vegamyster741d ago

Halo 4 had a great SP but bland MP, Halo 5's campaign felt rushed but the MP is great, 343 just have to take the best from both those games and Halo 6 will be top notch. Gears 4 looks like good fun, looking forward to picking it up on Monday.

4Sh0w741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

Halo feels fresh since Bungie left, (No disrespect to Bungie, great devs), I really liked Halo4's story, as for Halo5 campaign *story wasn't my favorite but I liked the fireteam concept, new gameplay mechanics were sweet, but seriously the multiplayer however is hands down the best....Halo is in good hands.

Gears4 looks phenomenal, haven't played the campaign yet so we'll see how that goes, judging by the reviews, so far though....Gears of War is in good hands.

Nothing to worry about folks, enjoy both great games.

ninsigma741d ago

I played late so the halo 4 mp was fixed by the time I played so my opinion on that is skewed however when I played the mcc, it was the campaign that was just ridiculously bland. So boring with nothing interesting.

morganfell741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

HALO 4 is fantastic and it was 343's first shot out of the gate. The ending was right though the survival of the Master Chief was not explained. The MP was a little off but the game also had Spartan Ops. Smart and fun to play again and again. HALO 5 was an incredible game though it concentrated too much on Locke and Osiris. But that first appearance of Chief and Blue Team consisting of 3 of the other most iconic Spartan IIs in HALO lore made me stand up in front of the TV. I can't wait for HALO Wars II and HALO 6.

If they could make one game from the most prominent books it would be Ghosts of Onyx though Bungie broke the canon on that great Nylund book with HALO Reach - a game I love dearly - but the story of Onyx carried such a tale of sacrifice it shouldn't be left to the side. 343 has done far more to guard the HALO lore than Bungie ever did. I really like Bungie but they did a poor job keep a hold on the HALO mythos.

I will say I hope they move on from the Prometheans now with HALO 6 at some point in the game deal with an enemy such as the Brutes who have been quietly sitting in the background (though they are in Escalation).

showtimefolks741d ago


Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't halo 4 campaign 4.5 hours long and halo 5 being under 6 hours?

Did I say those campaigns were bad in my comment? Y'all are replying saying those were good when in my comment I said the shortest campaigns

morganfell741d ago

@showtimefolks -

HALO 4 and 5's campaigns are not that short. I do not know who is reporting that but they are in error.

babadivad741d ago

Halo 4 had a great SP. But IMO, Halo 3 was the best SP By Far out of all the titles. No local co-op killed Halo 5 SP for me. MP was phenomenal though so the game is still playable.

Halo usually has amazing SP quality, which is why it's so popular with casuals who don't want to spend all their time getting annihilated in MP[not fun losing all the time].

Hopefully 343 can put them both together in Halo 6. They've shown they have the talent to do both. And for the love of GOD bring back local co-op!!.

Vegamyster741d ago


Halo 2 & 4 have a similar length with Halo 5 being the shortest but not by much keeping in mind Halo 1-3 would be shorter too if you could sprint like in the new games. Funny enough if you're a completionist Halo 4 & 5 actually offer the most out of all the games. The biggest complaints that i've seen with the two games which i happen to share the same opinion as is not the campaign length, it's the two things that i brought up.

raggy-rocket740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

I just finished it (early access ultimate edition) and I don't say this lightly but Gears 4 is the best gears of war game. I'll have to replay the old ones and see if I still think that but the graphics are amazing, story and new universe explanations are extremely well done, a great mix of enemies, the dialogue is funnier than it ever was. The new personalities are great but I don't think they would have been as good had it not been for a familiar face or two to have a presence and keep the tone. There are so many different mechanics that are level specific for fighting, bosses, travel etc that keep it fresh just like the old games. Campaign is so fleshed out and felt much longer than it was (took me about 8/9 hours on hardcore, I recommend that difficulty. Challenging but not too hard). I really did get worried that the lack of real big new actual gameplay mechanics would be tiring but I just forgot all that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's aged perfectly and I really think you'll love it if you're a gears fan. My only criticism was that the music didn't feel very gears of war, but overall I'd give 9/10. There was a really varied colour pallet as well of classic gears and new and colourful. Enjoy!

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franwex741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

I agree with mostly everything you stated. I however do not think 343 quality has gone down, maybe they made questionable decisions in regards to the storyline (specially Halo 5-wtf!?), but quality has remained consistent since the beginning. Also Halo 4's campaign is the longest one. Halo 2 and 5 the shortest. I do not consider ODST a number sequel, but that was really short too and it cost the same as a full game.

I'm pretty sure we are speaking only about SP here too and not including MP considering the article didn't either and Halo 5 has the best in the series-after adding a few features. IMO.

Either way I was not that into Gears 4, but it seems that it is turning out to be pretty good and I'm very interested in checking it out also.

spicelicka741d ago

Quality wise Halo 5 multiplayer is phenomenal. Yes they took out split screen, but you're not considering all the things they added, 24 players, PvPvE, free DLC, scripting in forge, and most importantly custom games browser! Something bungie couldn't manage to do since Halo CE PC.

But Gears 4 I agree with. Im sure they tool notes with halo 4's criticisms.

sammarshall102741d ago

Halo 4 has the best story out of all of the Halo games the campaign is great too

Halo 4 did over 8 million in sales

Halo 5 has the best multiplayer

For Halo 6, 343 just has to make some new maps, new weapons, a few new gameplay changes for multiplayer, and an engrossing story

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PhoenixUp742d ago

It's actually been three years since the last Gears of War game released.

What Coalition's Gears of War does better than 343i's Halo is that it doesn't rely as much on extended universe lore to tell the story.

Another difference is that Coalition was allowed to let Marcus Fenix step aside so the story could focus on a set of new characters while 343i were restricted to reinvent key characters such as Master Chief(seeing as he's Xbox's defacto main mascot it's no wonder he's still the center protagonist) and Cortana.

2600Thunder741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

MS should give The Coalition double their agreed compensation. They alone managed to change many minds to return to UWP, which is still shrouded in darkness. They saved Microsoft's ass on PC - for now - and I hope MS treats The Coalition like royalty and continues this trend realizing that we will THROW OUR MONEY AT THEM if they hook up this kind of care for GAMING, not microtransations, etc. I swore to myself I would not buy anything else from them, but because of THIS team and the absolute passion they gave to Gears, they brought me back.

I bought the Ultimate edition and feel zero buyer's remorse unlike the past few AAA games - like FH3 after that stuttering, frame drop hell and realizing we don't get all the content from the "ultimate" edition. My gf and I have been having a blast today with it, and my brother just picked it up as well ready to play co-op as well this week.

Hope MS sticks to this kind of quality on PC because we are ready to pay them more money.

pompombrum741d ago

It's not really a fair comparison, Halo was a series that many felt needed modernising and trying to get that right without compromising the Halo feel was always going to be a huge challenge. Gears is unique that there still isn't really any other shooter out there remotely like it, sure some have tried utilising the cover mechanics but ultimately none have come close to capturing what makes Gears great. Coalition had a far easier job as they could play it safe and it'd still be awesome after the abomination that was Judgement, a game that was so bad this article either pretends or forgot it even exists. Not to take anything away from Coalition as they've done a fantastic job but pleasing Gears fans while simultaneously making the game unique enough for it's own appeal was always going to be fairly easy in comparison to what 343 had to do with Halo.

mhunterjr741d ago

I disagree with the notion that many people felt Halo needed "modernization". I think MS and their focus testers felt it needed modernization to counter the emergence of COD, But really it needed to excel within its niche. That's what Halo fans wanted it to do.

tigertron741d ago

I love Halo 4, it's one of my favourites in the franchise. The SP was amazing and I even enjoyed playing the MP.

sammarshall102741d ago

Yeah the story was brilliant with the whole interaction between chief and Cortana

Enyxodin741d ago

Wow really? Have you even played halo 2 or 3??

WellyUK741d ago

Bungies HALO in my honest opinion. Sucked. I remember buying 3 and playing it for 3 hours then going straight back on the cod4 beta... Destiny only increased my view on Bungie.

tigertron740d ago

Yeah, I'm a huge fan of 2 and 3, but Halo 4's campaign had such an emotional story and was deeper than 2 or 3's.

jmetalhead77812741d ago

I was one of those that didn't like it my first time through, felt it was too different from the first three. When I purchased MC, I played them all again through from the beginning. This time I looked at it as a stand alone game and I appreciated it much more! Thought it was a brilliant game! Amazing how much your mindset has influence on your own opinion.

@ Enyxodin

He said one of his favorites. Didn't say it was better than 2 & 3. I agree that 2 & 3 are hard to beat, but 4 was awesome in its own right

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