Morrisons Games Offer May Spark "Bloody" Retail War

Edge writes: "Supermarket chain Morrisons has announced a week-long promotion offering console chart games for up to half price, a move that could ignite a "very bloody" retail war in the run up to Christmas, according to one analyst.

"The opening salvo in what could turn out to be a very bloody war was fired yesterday by Morrisons," David O'Brien of European investment banking group Altium Securities told The Guardian. "Game Group has a price promise and as a result will be forced to match the levels offered by the food retailer."

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shadowghost7523716d ago

Morrisons always have plenty of stock of new games, when GTA 4 was sold out on release day they had stacks of copies,

All reasonably proced as well, when Assassin's Creed came out i got it for £30 brand new

coolfool3716d ago

I didn't even know that Morrison's was any sort of place to get games. I haven't really thought much of supermarket gaming prices and stock. I usually just go to or something similar.

shadowghost7523716d ago

Neither did i until i went to look at CD's one time, still i normally go to GAME or HMV

coolfool3716d ago

And i think they take the piss with their used game prices. They rely on people will care that they can make a £2 saving on a game. I would prefer to spend the extra £2 and give the money to devs and not GAME.

How come you don't use PLAY?

shadowghost7523716d ago

I don't order off the internet much and i don't like waiting for deliveries i'd go out and be back in half an hour with the game than order and wait for the Royal Mail to deliver it.

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Robearboy3716d ago

Morrisons sale is awesome, i bought Mercanaries 2 and Infinate Undiscovery for £25.00 each all of the chart hits across all platforms/formats are half price or less. You can even get Guitar Hero for the DS for £12.00!

BlackCountryBob3716d ago

Personally I think this is good for the industry as it shows the selling power of game software. For years the supermarkets have worked at undercutting each other and driving down prices of DVDs, CD and even books (harry potter, James bond) and recognising that games can sell in similar numbers is another step towards the industry being accepted as a legitimate media.

It is dumb that everyone, supermarket HMV and specialist store alike all charge 339.99 or a game; a price war is good for gamers and is most welcome.

super bill3716d ago

fairplay to for game.that retailer just bloody rips you of.

Bullseye3716d ago

They make great sandwiches too! :)